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Waiting is a horrible thing

What is this news gonna bring?

Is it positive? is it a yes?

Did I do what was asked of the test?

Is it negative? is it a no?

Do I drown myself into my sorrow?

This is killing me, hours and days

Walking around in my own haze

Checking my phone for a buzz or a ring

“When you going to ring you poxy thing!”

I can’t stand it, it’s getting too much

How can one response cause such a fuss

The phone rings, lights up at last

I was quick, super quick, lightning fast

I wait anxiously, saying hello

Is it good news, or just another blow?

Hello, I have spoken to them, this is the news

Thank you, I hold my breath, win or lose?

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Phil lister 19/09/17

Picture – pixabay

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