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Ask the question!


Did he dare ask the question one more time?

Assessing the mayhem, the mess, the grime

Did he call him to suffer his wrath

His axe wielded, his sadistic laugh

She comes down the stairs, “what’s going on?”

Go back to bed, I’ll be right along

She climbs back up the stairs humming away

Oblivious of what the madman has done this day

Suddenly, shattered glass, a lightning strike

Black cloak in front of him starting to fight

He falls to his feet like a heavy sack

The cloak prepares himself with his axe

The man raises his hand, pleads for his life

The girl is back there, scared on this night

Don’t hurt my girl, please leave her alone

As you wish, his axe, through flesh and through bone

The girl screamed, loud as she could

The cloak whispers to her “be quiet, be good”

He raises his axe one more time

She cowers beneath his line

She closes her eyes and waits for the blade

Did she die? Or did she evade?

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Phil lister 29/09/17

Book Stephen king “the cell”

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