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I dream of you

I have just one photo in my hand

Admiration for you as you stand

I’ve never talked you in front of me

You are perfect as can be

You cannot know me I don’t exist

We have never met, never kissed

You have your life I have mine here

It’s strange what I’m feeling, rather queer

You excite me by warming my blood

My emotions take hold and start to flood

How can you do this when we have never met

An impossible fact that I just cannot get?

You could be here or the other side of the world

Our paths would never cross, your beauty like a pearl

I can always wonder about about what it would seem

The moment we met and I awake from my dream


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Phil lister 01/10/17


3 thoughts on “I dream of you

  1. Well imaginations are sometimes more believable and beautiful than the reality. Maybe that’s why we can call it perfect as compared to reality, our safe heaven of sorts…
    Totally understandable thoughts of yours, nice one.
    Although if I take it from a different note, it gives me the vibes of what fan in love would write about his/her star. Reminded me of the many fanfictions I have read…

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    1. It’s funny as well that some things we loved before don’t give the same pleasure or satisfaction now. Like video games, foods. I guess it’s true as you say that things seem perfect because they’re not the norm, and once they become attained the surprise or the challenge has gone lol


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