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Girl in the rain

I see you there in the street

I can’t take my eyes off of you, just a peep

It’s pouring with rain five pm

You shake your umbrella again and again

You don’t see me, I’m invisible

Unnamed and in your eyes feeble

How do I get you to notice me?

Could our paths cross? Is it to be?

You light up a cigarette take down a breath

On your telephone, what you gonna do next?

You look at me, just a glance

I’m staring at you in a trance

A smile crosses your face is it for me?

I think yes, maybe it could be

I wave my hand just to say hi

You wave your hand too, It’s a lie

I decide to move to approach you

My feet don’t move stuck like glue

This guy pushes past me, knocks me down

I start to pick myself up, I turn around

She’s hugging him, that pushy guy

Just my luck, she’s not for me. Why!


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Phil lister 19/10/17


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