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Publishing a poetry book

Hello all,

A question for you all, I have enough poems now to put to print for a first book. I have talked to 3 publishing agencies now but the first was never there to receive my calls then finally said they would not publish previously published work, authors house want minimum 799 pounds to publish a book with lots of feedback online saying they are not to be trusted when publishing poems, I have submitted my work to 2 other publishers but I do not know what to expect. I’m looking for a forum that actually recommends publishers to go with as I am not looking to be ripped off, it is looking as though most publishers do not take on the charges of getting a book published and it is you that would have to pay.

Is there anyone who has already published a poetry book? Who did you go with? How much did it cost? Did you make a profit? How many sales did you make? Was it worth it?

Another question, does Amazon kindle work for publishing a poetry book? Experiences? (hard copy)

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  1. There’s a Writers and Artists Yearbook 2018 (you can buy it at Waterstones and Amazon) which lists publishers who accept poetry and what their requirements are. Once it’s accepted, I’m not sure how the marketing process works but on your end you can have a public Instagram page to notify people that you’ve published a book on poetry, go to poetry slams, recitals etc and self-promote.

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  2. I have tons of info on how to submit/publish poetry on my blog. Specific to a poetry book, you will want to submit to small/indie presses, preferably ones who don’t charge reading fees to get started. Here are a few posts that should help:

    For full length poetry books: https://trishhopkinson.com/no-fee-poetry-book-publishers-tips/

    For chapbook length: https://trishhopkinson.com/2017/03/30/14-no-fee-chapbook-publishers-and-other-chapbook-listings/

    Ideas for book promotion: https://trishhopkinson.com/2017/03/30/50-surprisingly-simple-ways-to-promote-your-book-more-from-author-unlimited-3/ –AND– https://trishhopkinson.com/2015/03/18/a-crash-course-in-shameless-book-promotion-tips-from-blue-light-press/

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