depression · Life · love

Happy to be alive

Hey, be positive, take it in your stride

Life getting you down? Poke it in the eye

The do’s and dont’s are very clear

Chill out, relax, have a beer

Dont be down, why that face?

Go to it now your happy place

Boss a jerk? Doing your head in?

Get him back, car keys in the bin

Partner mean? Treat you rough?

Leave their ass if you’ve had enough

Are they better than you? In your eyes

Stop being negative, no need to despise

Had an argument? they get the better of you?

Be bigger then them, agree, what it takes to do

They cannot keep you down if your positive enough

Even when it hits the fan and you feel rough

You are strong, you do matter

Look at your life, it’s not in tatters

Examine the good, do a few good deeds

Say “on this day I do decree”

To march forth with a spring in your stride

Because by gosh chaps, I’m happy to be alive!


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