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Rise up!


Life getting you down?

Chin up my friend

Your not crazy

Stop going round the bend

Stay positive

Live life to the full

Embrace your lover

Grab the horns of that bull

Cherish every moment

Even the bad

Do something different

Be a lad

Be adventurous

Do something daring

Life’s too short 

You should be raring

No regrets

Dont you dare

Come on you

I wanna see your flare

It’s coming now

I can see it in your eyes

Your a joy to behold

Lost your disguise

It’s not for me

Do it for you

Go on my friend

To yourself be true!


A motivational poem to all my friends, readers, strangers and passersby. Be positive!



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Phil lister 01/11/17


Picture: pixabay

11 thoughts on “Rise up!

  1. I love you tag line!! I love the positive inspiration that you share!! Why be anything else when you can Be POSITIVE! I co-founded a non profit organization by with my husband by the name of POP! (Producing Outstanding People Inc.) Our tagline is “Powered on Positivity” Keep spreading the positive vibes!

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    1. Thank you for your message, we all have problems in life but if we rest on them we will never advance, no point looking back at things that we cannot change. I’m sure your organization is fantastic, hope you achieve all you wish.


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