Current affairs · depression · Life


When you hear the word freedom

What do you think?

Speak openly, no propaganda

Work, live eat and drink

We are fortunate, very in fact

Not killed for speaking, protests or acts

We are not in camps, malnourished, ill

Doctors a plenty, pharmacies dish out pills

Pushed into slavery, sex toys, prostitution too

Simple life, coffee, work, family, house, true

Complain, go on, tired, no money, stress

Our life is easy when we consider the rest

We have freedom, we can achieve, obtain

Reflect before contemplating about your pain

Others are worse off in poverty

Others escape war and certain death

Others eat rationed rice

Others live what they call life

Will you think about their freedom tonight?

Their country with practically no human rights

This poem is a thought about them

One day we’ll make a difference, when?


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