depression · Life · love



Manipulated by your mind

Your thoughts

That ticking,

Cogs turning

Deciding your next move

Is it not enough that I suffer?

This pain, how it hurts

Squeezing every last breath from my lungs

Oxygen giver


Your torturous game

I don’t deserve this

Or do I?

I made you suffer?

I only ever loved you

Years passed

Obeying your whims

Your wanting to be

I just want to be let in

I feel like it’s raining

Acid burning me deep

Banging at that door


My hands are bone




Stop it

Why shut me out?

Is it a game?

My love not enough?

My soul evaporating

In front of my eyes

It is obvious

That you

Can only



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Phil lister 11/05/18

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