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Self publishing a paperback with Amazon kdp


Hi all,

As you know, I’m a normal English guy living in France, I’m enjoying writing. Poetry and my first novel.

The stress I had yesterday with my cover designer trying to agree to finalise my third book. I know what I want but trying to get that into a design has been hard as balls.

With baby in bed, several hours of tweaking it was finally what I wanted. Simple, bold, striking.

Now came the editing, does anyone know the hell of editing on word and then into kindle? Ahhhhhhh, my manuscript was already ready, but once into kindle I hated the margins, a quick change and (25 extra pages) oh great, I’m being sarcastic.

Then to read through the entire poetry book and correct all my silly little mistakes, your you’re of have. Grrrr I i. What a palarva. Finally it was ready, upload again to kindle. The internet here is god awful and it can take a good 5 minutes to get the preview up.

My god, kindle previewer adds pages, kicks out format, and is in general a pain in the ass. Then I had to change the size for the cover, sorry Charlie.

A thousand reuploads later (at least 7) it was finally ready to go, price decided and sent off to kdp for validation.

I started to look at e-book to prepare, then I saw 2 things that I wanted to change on paperback, nevermind it can wait. 2330, I’ve had enough, Saturday over, let’s sleep.

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