depression · love

The stars so bright


Gazing at the stars lighting up the sky

Pondering the distance between us

Seeming endlessness, moments lost

Silence painful and yet painless

Reminiscent of your voice

Your words caress my thoughts

Echoing with your twang

Our happiness trumped the world

An unbreakable bond

Shattered into a million pieces

Impossible to reassemble

Hands out stretching

Our reach unforgiving

Clasping at nothingness

You float away into eternity

My heart expired with yours

Memories dwindling but remain

Knowing that we’ll reunite

I’ll stare until I slumber

And dream of you by my side

The stars so bright this night


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Phil lister 30/05/18

17 thoughts on “The stars so bright

    1. Thank you sherell, my confidence has really taken a battering this last week with some reviews and I have been asking questions of myself and my writing. I know as a writer you will have to take the negative and positive reviews but it’s people like you and tara that make me want to continue. I consider this a special piece and I’m currently looking at poetry writing methods to expand my genre or to improve what I write. Thank you for your kind words.

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  1. And btw… don’t let those negative reviews get to you… not everyone has the same taste… as we say in Trinidad “If yuh doh like doh come back” 🙂 You don’t need readers like that anyway

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