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So called love

Tired of being what you want me to be

I will never be good enough

My soul sucked by your every wish

Your selfish thoughts

Your every desire

To change me to something I am not

You never see me smile

Because of hurt inside

It is your fault

You did this to me

My anger so bitter I could



I wouldn’t know how

To escape this poisonous gauntlet of love

Or so called

One day you will see


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10 thoughts on “So called love

      1. Great question! We can change a whole lot! Start with self-care & self respect. (I wrote a post Bullying & Beyond, Self care x 10). Expect respect and show respect. Everything else hinges on respect.
        Guilt is a weapon to trap us. It serves no purpose once we believe we are doing our best. Practice saying that dreaded ‘No’ word. We are unique beings NOT co-joined twins. We don’t have to do anything we are uncomfortable with. Start with “I have a difficulty with…” If it raises a temper, calmly say “we’ll discuss this later when we are calmer” and leave the scene. If we meet sulk or silence, let them own it, it is not our issue.
        We only have one life and it’s for living and being happy. Share your love freely, if it’s not reciprocated, it’s not mutual. Find the joy in your one and only day! We have no guarantees of tomorrow. Le grà, Marie

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  1. Mmmmm, I don’t even wanna analyze this. It’s dark and gorgeously raw. I wish I could write this way. My writing goes from the eerily simple to the bizarrely complicated, I think. But we are always our own worst critics. How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking?

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    1. Your way of writing is very good, it flows with ease, we all have different styles and wish simply to be understood, to have someone say I get it. I’m 36. I have published books and always wish to hear feedback but I never know if they have been read, rejected or maybe some people may have been disgusted, we are who we are, why should we change

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  2. I think we all have to realize that even when we are hurt, we are giving someone the power to things, we can stop it, it might take a long time, but self care and self respect plays major role. I loved it, made me think. Most of the time changes starts with the person as an individual.

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