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Quarantined asylum

I’m searching for escape

Got so much on my plate

It’s too much for me

I wish I could be free

Pondering what to do

Even considered faking the flu

Just nowhere to go nowhere to roam

Stuck here grounded, consealed to the home

Pacing the walls up and down

Impossible to evade this frown

Space is eluding time to myself

It’s starting to inflict my mental health

Being selfish now thirst for solitude

My bubbled silence my way, not rude

Evading anger in every way I can

Because it is not an acceptable plan

Am I cowardly how I percevere?

I do not know, certainly not clear

Cannot run, never really been my game

I’ve always been too stubborn and refrained

How long can I last this intense pain

Hopefully not before I go insane


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4 thoughts on “Quarantined asylum

    1. It is so tragic, where are you from? What are your conditions. In France we are extremely lucky to have a garden and government aid, there are lots of people a lot worse off then us. Thinking about them.


      1. I am from the US. I work for a school and we were some of the first people to not be able to work. Fortunately, since I am under contract, I was still being paid. However, I lost my other job wot no pay. But yes there are others here that have it way worse than I do and hopefully have received their government aid to help ease some of the hardship.

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      2. I’ve been shocked by things over in the States, already looking at my home country and their reactions in th UK. The USA I have been really amazed, just the disorganisation, but again, how do you organize a pandemic with that many people. A very difficult job. Good luck and stay safe, already amazing that you had two jobs in the first place.

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