New work

My phone

How does it control me?

Why can I not leave it alone?

What is this pull over me?

When I take my phone


Every waking hour

Glued eyes to the screen

I cannot stop myself

Cannot keep myself clean


How can this be an addiction?

As bad as a drug

Why do I want it so?

Is this called love?


Watching every notification

As the text flashes by

As if the most important thing

In my life is a lie


Why do I not want it to stop?

Another pointless sound

I just like to be busy

When there is nothing around


It is my dearest friend

It knows me better than me

If it could be my drug

It would be my ecstacy


4 thoughts on “My phone

  1. Good to see you back here, Phil. How are you doing? I don’t think you’re alone in being addicted to your phone. I think it’s more common than you think it is. I used to have the same problem. Although I’m not glued to my phone as I used to be, I can’t be far away from it, either. I’ve occasionally had to leave it in a store to be repaired for a few hours, and I was climbing the walls without it. I felt like I was going through withdrawal symptoms similar to any addiction withdrawal. I hated every second of being without it and felt panicky and fearful. However, now I’m so much busier with my blog writing and reading other blogs, and my coursework, I tend not to be glued to my phone all the time as I was. That’s probably not necessarily a helpful response, but I didn’t want to feel alone in this. Believe it or not, there is a book called, ‘How To Break Up With Your Phone’ by Catherine Price (Amazon). I read it, and it helped a bit, although it wasn’t a cure, which I guess I was looking for. It might be worth a look if you’re serious about reducing your phone use. Lots of luck, and take care of yourself, Phil.

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    1. Hi Ellie, I’m good, better now then I have been for a while. I’m happy with my phone usage. I’m not addicted to it but our lives are on them, people get addicted way too easily, can’t help it, just a way of life. I arrived at the doctor’s, read wordpress and the three people in the waiting room on their phones, including me. Just way it is lol. Anyways have to work. Stay as you are. Thanks for caring.

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