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I used to know how to love

I used to know how to love

But now I’ve had enough

My life has crumbled apart

And it is just soggy art

The paper breaks at the seams

It can no longer be cleaned

Who would even want to?

Who would know what to do?

I think I’ll stay a while

Maybe one day I’ll learn to smile

For now I will rest in the dark

One day maybe a fresh start

Close the doors and throw the key far

I used to enjoy watching the stars

Finally I can be at peace

I’m so tired, time to sleep

7 thoughts on “I used to know how to love

  1. 👏…I can relate to the words …what always comes to mind is, “go with the flow” … until you feel the need to fight again, against currents of life, and grasp at love and all it entails…✨Penn✨

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