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Job rejection


Your not good enough, there is always better

Speak two languages, qualified, whatever

Mouth off at them, why am I not in ?

There’s lots of good applicants within

Three months of applying, three months of this

Rejection constant, the agencies are taking the piss

I won’t be beat, even though it’s getting me down

Ok maybe for the moment it’s making me frown

Just wondering how long it’s gonna be

Applying for jobs to get one acception to be free!


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Phil lister 24/10/17

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You can do it!

I am looking, what am I looking for

Something to change, not like before

I am fed up with the norm, the status quo

This purgatory, I’m going to and fro

Nothing is ever new, it’s always the same

This job is getting to me, giving me pain

Late nights, no family life, doing in my brain

I’m so busy at work, too tired to complain

I’m trying so hard to attain something new

At the moment crappy sticks to me like glue

Rejections, no answers, days passing by

Times a wasting, it doesn’t help to cry

My girlfriend, my kids, I do this for you all

Luck has to visit me once, I refuse to fall

Say no all you want, I refuse to be beat

I’m a stubborn bastard, I don’t accept defeat

I will provide, I will always go all the way

It will change soon my life, it starts today

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Phil lister 25/09/17

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