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Searching for you

Searching for you is a collection of poetry about love, heartbreak and happiness. A raw journey looking at our search in life to find ourselves and that special someone.

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Rhyming poetry to change your day!: Poetry that you can really relate to

An invigorative, joyous journey about life and all of its glorious pitfalls. Lose yourself and explore imaginative humoristic musings. The discovery of adolescence, first love and exploration of oneself. Hope of a new beginning, of change and always having hunger for more. Rhyming Poetry To Change Your Day. The first in the collection of rhyming poetry by Philip Lister. Please do come in, watch your step, it is a long way down.

Dare to defy

A full throttle journey about life and embracing it, rest defiant and positive even when faced with its hardest challenges. Pure emotion in each heartfelt poem. Celebrate life and behold its joy, protest, be rigid and fragile at every moment, powerful emotions. Value all friendship and family above all else.

Live love life

Live for the moment never forget, to love yourself with no regrets. Life is too short to paper the cracks, today is the day you take it all back

Ella’s first day at school

Ella wakes up worried about going to school for the first time
After her parents reassurance and listening to her favourite music with mum in the car, she is ready to meet her teacher, seeing all the fun that the other children are having will she join them in the classroom?