Dare to Defy

Hello all,

I have pleasure in presenting to you my second poetry book Dare to Defy.

I am extremely proud of this achievement, my heart and soul has been poured into these poems and I hope that you pick it up and enjoy it. There are so many emotions involved.

I had a period when writing this book that I was really in a hard place in my life, I felt so depressed it was overwhelming and I let it envelop me. At these moments I wrote and I refused to back down. Certainly the hardest moment was looking for a new job as i wanted to have my weekends to look after my two kids. I was in a destructive frame of mind with irregular hours and my health and mentality was suffering.

I finished by finally finding a new job that accepted me and finally when i started that new job my life changed, not only wanting to be positive before, I am positive now and it’s much easier to be. Sure I still have my bad moments but not nearly as many.

The book is a reflection of this attitude and events in life going on in the world. You are a person, you can succeed in what ever you set out to do. Motivation, positivity, we just have to dare. If you do not try you cannot know!

Dare to Defy! – available here!