Searching for you

I will never stop. Searching for you. Journey to happiness. Perfection true

I will make mistakes. All along the way. I will learn from them. To make my today

Each day I am down. I will always rise. I will never give up. I will always surprise

In searching for you. I will also search for me. Our true love together. We were meant to be

Searching for you is a collection of poetry about love, heartbreak and happiness. A raw journey looking at our search in life to find ourselves and that special someone.

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Lets check out the poems in the book.

  1. We hardly kiss goodbye
  2. Beautiful moon
  3. My love for you
  4. Do I exist?
  5. If I stole your heart
  6. The one that got away
  7. A teenage love
  8. I dream of you
  9. That first love…maybe
  10. I missed you
  11. The half that completes me
  12. Love for a poet
  13. We are a team
  14. Is this love
  15. Forever happy
  16. Him
  17. Her
  18. Girl in the rain
  19. Write her a poem
  20. The stars so bright
  21. You make me happy
  22. Forbidden
  23. Simply a friend
  24. True beauty
  25. One kiss
  26. Give everything
  27. Dysfunctional romance
  28. I’m addicted to you
  29. Forbidden fruit
  30. My protection of you
  31. Too late
  32. That one beuatiful person
  33. Your eyes
  34. Love addict
  35. Love pain
  36. Everything
  37. Where are you?
  38. The ocean
  39. I wish I could make you happy
  40. Blind date
  41. Dreamt of you
  43. My true love
  44. Would it be the end?
  45. Find someone you can trust
  46. You think i’m happy when i’m down
  47. Does he love you?
  48. Pure eyes
  49. Blinded by your beauty
  50. So called love
  51. I miss me
  52. The perfect photo
  53. Tears of strength
  54. I’m leaving
  55. So happy you’re back
  56. Loneliness
  57. Someone
  58. Fill my void
  59. I never got to ask you
  60. How can we be together?
  61. I surely will subside
  62. I offer you my heart
  63. I don’t know what hurts more
  64. I look for an answer
  65. I never learnt how to love
  66. I wish I had someone to talk to
  67. Every day implodes
  68. Making a masterpiece
  69. Why do we continue?
  70. Should we escape?
  71. What’s past is past
  72. If we can’t forgive
  73. The first moment our eyes met
  74. Magical stardust, i’m in love with you
  75. Saying goodbye without a kiss
  76. Finding my soul mate
  77. Will I send the letter?
  78. Beautiful sun
  79. A smile tells many stories
  80. Your glistening tear
  81. I will find you
  82. The roses wilting
  83. Our story