1. Searching for you

Love for a poet


I hear you my dear, what you’re saying to me

You are my teacher, you are making me feel free

It is like a drug that I want more and more

Each time I see what you do and your lore

You insense me with literacy deeply fulfilling

Almost in jealousy at your words so thrilling

Are you calling to me? Are you just musing?

Am I imagining, winning or losing?

Your words filling my mind

Secret messages I try to find

This impulse, this feeling inside is ripping my heart out

Because I don’t know for sure and I need to shout

Thinking thoughts that should not be thunk

Hit so hard by your beauty I feel drunk

Maybe for now it is not the time

But rest assured you help me to rhyme

You inspired me before and you will again

Thank you for your kind words, rest a friend


Picture – pixabay

Taken from my latest poetry book: Searching for you by Philip Lister

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