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Will I send the letter?

My words on paper, my heart my soul

I give you my heart, torn out whole

Every word written, with all my love

Each one spaced even, just enough

The care I take, to present fine art

Hoping it’s enough, to win your heart

If I had the courage to send this letter

Fear of rejection, gets the better

Will I dare to send it? your surprise

Read my wishes, only for your eyes

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1. Rhyming poetry to change your day · Life

Positive thinking

Are you feeling down, world against you?

Pickled in turmoil in boggy stew

Life throws us curved balls, cogs in wheels

Hide if you will or dare to dig in your heels

What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger

Use your mind, be creative, think a little bit longer

I may not be the best, you may be better than me

Hey hum, that’s life, you’re free to be free

Stuck in your job, no way to get out

Yes you can, they can do without

I am just a human in this immense universe

If you don’t fulfil your potential it’s even worse

You are great, you can lead

Others will listen and take heed

Change the world in a day may not be possible

But with positive thinking you are free and able


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depression · Life · managing depression

I want to fit in


I want to fit in but I am different from the rest

I want to be bigger but cannot help myself

I want to be beautiful but uglyness shines its evil light

I want to eat but just a little is too much

I want to be normal but I cannot help myself

I want to stop being sick but I can’t stop myself

How could anyone ever love my body when I can’t even love myself?

To look upon the mirror is to cry a river of tears at the person staring back

How can you understand when I am perplexed and confused?

How can you judge when I have been beat and abused?

I am tired from it all, I just want to be alone

The only person I trust is the person I hate


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