Rhyming poetry to change your day

My first ever poetry book written in 2017 is “Rhyming poetry to change your day” I am immensely proud of this book as it is an achievement in itself. It is a very personal journey of mine with much of my work relating to all the hurt, pain and joy that I have experienced over the years. I have poured my heart out into this book for you all to see.

I talk about the pain of the loss of my father. My battles with depression and thoughts of suicide and death. My many relationship problems growing up. Being bullied in school growing up. The anxiety of trying to find a new job in a foreign country! Love in its many shapes and forms! My family, the most important thing in my life, without them where would I be? 

I believe in pulling in my reader and giving them a journey through each of my poems and I hope they will be read again and again.

My first poetry book is available here:

1. I never got to say goodbye

2. Bullying scum

3. Positive thinking

4. Reconciliation 

5. Orphaned little boy 

6. It’s so sad

7. Fight to survive 

8. The roses wilting 

9. Tick tock

10. Life, why

11. Curse of the baby

12. In a dark place

13. Drunken mess haiku

14. Homelessness haiku

15. Tanka “Hate and pride”

16. Solitary confinement

17. My boss I hate you

18. Addiction

19. Fill my void

20. Life sucks

21. I’m kicking this habit, or am I?

22. I’m your daddy

23. Money controlling you!

24. Scrub it out! Now!

25. Alone

26. Waiting

27. Bossy cow

28. Life has turned to fuck

29. Goodbye my father

30. You can do it!

31. Quarantined Asylum

32. His name is Jared

33. Pity life goes on

34. Is this goodbye?

35. Tiresome life

36. Despise the unknown

37. Suicidal swill

38. My ex the Ice Queen

39. Je suis égoiste

40. Job rejection

41. Karma

42. Rejection will not beat me!

43. You can do it

44. I’m liberated

45. Killed by a kamikaze

46. It’s coming

47. Road rage

48. I’m big you’re small

49. Lusting for you

50. Tanka painted lady

51. The half that completes me

52. That first love… maybe

53. I missed you

54. Love for a poet

55. You make me happy

56. Send me a message

57. Forbidden

58. Forever happy

59. I dream of you

60. Everything

61. Where are you?

62. That first time

63. Along comes love

64. My protection of you

65. Girl in the rain

66. Write her a poem

67. Whispers

68. Never enough

69. Awkward love

70. Morning coffee

71. A prank call

72. Viscious exhaustion

73. Always one

74. Fate, or is it ?

75. A poet’s interaction with you

76. What did you believe?

77. Doubts and regrets

78. Play your life, roll the dice

79. Discover me

80. Secret

81. A nice cuppa

82. Ask the question

83. I am almighty

84. Face of change

85. Sleep my baby

86. Boo, I’m the baby

87. My baby girl

88. A haiku for my son



Email me at listerspoetry@gmail.com for any questions, contact or ideas that you have.

Keep up to date with WordPress to see all my new and best poems.

There are 107 reviews for this book on amazon with an average rating of 3.8

Please have a look at some of the reviews below

Funny Lady


5.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase

Sounds like poems I wrote in my younger days .I was full of despair . I felt a connection to the author. If things aren’t better now, they will be .😉

Reviewed in the United States on February 13, 2020


I would recommend this book to others who have survived this pain, so they would feel less alone and more


Andrew Kemp


5.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase

Philip, you are the man

Reviewed in the United States on September 7, 2019


We’ve got a lot in common this guy and I. He likes to rhyme, so do I. There were one or two poems of yours that felt a lot like one or two of mine. I enjoyed it, my guy. Really though, it felt honest, authentic, real, direct, and all of those synonym’s


Barbie N.


5.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase

This one touched me in good places♥️

Reviewed in the United States on May 28, 2019


The adage, “when the student is ready, the Teacher will appear,” fits with my reading this book. I studied Poetry while in college as it was part of the curriculum for my English Major, but that genre of Literature never took root within me. The talks of “meter,” “Iambic Pentameter,” directions of “don’t read poems in cadence,” “free verse vs rhyming verse” were the conversation of a craft the tools of which I could not locate.


There seemed to be something I was missing that would turn Poetry from a point of frustration to an experience of sublimity. As I got older, I began to understand that the “something” missing in my ability to “get” Poetry was the location from where I was reading poems.

Poetry must be read with the eyes of the heart, not just the machinery of the mind. Hence this Student was ready for the teacher.

When a friend and trusted fellow-journeyperson recommended this book with the statement, “I could not consider myself a friend if I kept this (book) to myself.” I need more friends like this one in my life. This little book of poems are powerful enough to shift the reader’s very life.

Reading these poems and the discourse following each is as close to a poetry class as I can imagine without formally enrolling in an education institution.

The author’s expertise in the discipline of Poetry and following the challenges they propose is of depth, to speak to a generation who is rich, self-absorbed, busy and largely aimless. These poems and supporting couplets do, in fact, possess phrases of explosive power to one’s soul.

Throughout the book, the poems speak to responding to ones’ heart and the truth held there. It is not enough to know (your heart), you have to begin (your journey),” daring the reader to live life as they were created to live.

Taking this step requires waking up, to “not the event but the eyes that we are seeing”.

We are reminded that we are limited by our self-perception to what we are willing to admit we don’t know. Life and death are constantly present in life, existing in the same moment. We are bound by beliefs & preconceptions of how life is but “the sky will always grow larger” when we release our beliefs of how life is “supposed to go.

It is the mundane and common that causes life to be – breath, clothing and food – the things touched daily without notice. When those things are “noticed,” the “common” will become splendid. A full life flows through all the senses, allowing one to connect with the world more fully. Such living is diminished when such sensuality is confused with and limited to the erotic.

Embracing the reality that one’s days are limited gives freedom and motivation to live life more fully. Rather than being morbid about death celebrating the rarity of life is the hope offered.. Eventually, everyone will cease being “of two minds” about themselves – the person displayed for the world and the person we truly are – and the freedom found in such self-acceptance will abound in living from that point forward.


One person found this helpful




4.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase

A Contemplation of Loss, Love, (Lust) and Other Things That Matter…..

Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2019


“Rhyming poetry to change your day: Poetry that you can relate to” (2018) is the third book written by Philip Lister. A quick online search reveals very little about this poet, not to be confused with the British You Tube personality?
This is often a contemplative or observational collection most of which is centered around mental health themes involving depressive and addictive behavioral issues : “Addiction” – “I’m kicking this habit or am I?” – “Money controlling you!” – “Beat your addiction”. These poems involve situations that really stood out.
Included were a few poems about “Current Affairs” that involved global politics.
“Depressive Works” was the title/theme that opened the book. Readers may relate to the heartbreak of losing a parent, Lister’s father apparently suffered a massive stroke and never regained consciousness passing away at the hospital: “I never got to say goodbye” – Lister writes of dealing with depression with: “Tiresome Life” – “Suicidal Swill”. Grief and mourning is cloaked a deep enveloping sadness with the next loss of his son, born prematurely: “His name is Jared” happened six years prior.
Lister’s free verse poems of Love were centered around discovery, exploration, dreams and desire, the happiness of new love, and the need to write a poem for the new love. The love themed poetry continued into “Erotica” centering around desire, lust, pleasure and fantasy life. “A fulfilling massage” tells the story of a visit to a massage parlor.


Overall, this collection was fairly good, a Title Page and Table of Contests weren’t included, and the free verse punctuation wasn’t easy to follow. The large number of poems boost the appeal of the book. With thanks to the author for DDC for the purpose of review. 3.5* GOOD.


2 people found this helpful


J.R. LeMar


5.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase

It’s Hard To Write A Review For A Poetry Book.

Reviewed in the United States on June 7, 2018


I mean, you’re either interested in poetry, or you’re not. I can say that one reason I particularly enjoy this collection of poems is because most of them rhyme! That may seem like a small detail, but as I’ve recently been checking out many of the new poets who make up the… See more
5 people found this helpful


kimelene carr


5.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase

a delightful collection of heartfelt, sensual, nostalgic and beautiful expressions

Reviewed in the United States on January 7, 2018


Rhyming poetry to change your day! is a delightful collection of heartfelt, sensual, nostalgic and beautiful expressions. Readers can easily relate to these poems as the collection touches on a range of topics: depression, love, life, romance and even current affairs.


I have always enjoyed poetry that rhymes… it is fun and refreshingly lighthearted as this collection was… truly ‘rhyming poetry to change your day!’


4 people found this helpful




5.0 out of 5 stars

Great Book of Poetry

Reviewed in the United States on January 5, 2018


Okay, so I really enjoyed this book of poetry. Initially I’d say the erotic poetry is my favorite (none of it is explicit) but then, I so enjoyed pretty much all of them to the point I’m not sure I could pick a favorite. I’ve always been amazed with writers who can write in rhyming form (because I can not!) so this makes it all the more enjoyable for me. I also follow Phil on WordPress and he seems like just such a great guy. Very down to earth and personable and I like that too. Recommended read, for sure.
2 people found this helpful


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