1. Rhyming poetry to change your day · Childhood · depression · Life

Bullying scum

How you made me feel

All of you, you cowards

What you put me through

Torture, torment, your reward

From so young, all my childhood

You picked on me

Was it funny? Enjoyable?

To have power, to be?

At first, seven to ten bearable

But dad changed schools

For a moment it was better

But I was never cool

Until twelve, it was ok,

I had my ways to cope

I was small, quiet, shy

But I would soon be broke

Cue the move again,

World upside down

I was messed up

All I did was frown

I was unpopular,

Always alone

Practically no friends

Kept moving homes

I was spat on

Punched, ridiculed too

Stolen from, psychologically tortured

Name it, that too!

I’ve cried, curled in a box

Took matches and knives to school

Bought a bb gun with me

Anything to try to be cool

I was pushed so much

I lost my head

I raised a chair in my hands

To strike a boy cause I saw red

I hated school

To feel so worthless

These bullies for me

Suffocated me, helpless

Hate is a very strong word

But for these childhood scums

I hope they suffer in their lives

For what they have done

I have no forgiveness

They do not deserve it at all

I hope one day they read my words

That they realize and feel small


A very personal poem for me about young age and my experiences growing up.

Poem 2 in my book Rhyming poetry to change your day – available now for free download

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4 thoughts on “Bullying scum

  1. Man seems as if you were just narrating my school years. Can’t say for others, but the years went, but the damage it did still stays. Idk if it ever gets any better, because it never feels that way for me. This poem made me kinda emotional. It is a harsh thing it talks about, but it’s written beautifully

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    1. Thank you shounak. I’m sorry that uou went through the same thing. Bullying is a really hard thing while in school. I found it did not continue after I left fortunately and I felt much better in myself, unfortunately the damage was done. We can learn from it and put it down to an ugly experience. I’m glad you made a connection. It is what I have always hoped for with these words. Try and talk to someone if you can. Thank you for your words.


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