Life · New work

Reflecting on life

What in life have I learnt so far?
My limited wisdom, looking afar
As I reflect back, thinking now
All the mistakes I made, and how!
Don’t do like your parents
As different as you can
Spanking for a yes or no
My ass received a tan
Talk to your children
Be open about everything
Try to get to know them
Reap the rewards it brings
Listen to your partner
Communicate much more
Stop what you are doing
It shouldn’t be a chore
Never give up in life
Be a stubborn S. O. B.
Drive and determination
The only way to be
You can have regrets
They cannot be changed
No point dwelling on them
You’ll only become deranged
Live for yourself
You’re perfect as you are
Don’t live in a shadow
Be a superstar!

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