New work

For you! No one else

Wake up, pull yourself out of bed

Get up, move that sleepy head

Bathroom, take your morning drugs

Mirror, don’t look at that mug

Kettle, boil that water good

Coffee, strong as it should

Sit down, play on that phone a bit

Sigh, world has gone to shit

Listen, to that silence all around

Can you hear? nothing, all around

Taste, that coffee, as it swirls down

Better, to soften the frown

Still depressed, can’t get out of bed

Move your ass, go get fed

Force yourself, to eat something

Wondering, what will this day bring?

Courage, go get dressed

Yesterday’s clothes, such a wreck

Hair, don’t worry, no one cares

Fuck em, they can all stare

Car keys, out the door quick

Fresh air, feeling sick

Do this, believe in yourself

For you! No one else

New work

Look after yourself

The path I walk has become thorny

Cutting my legs as I march forward

Trying to stay focused through all the pain

Refusing to place or accept the blame

It doesn’t matter, no one’s right or wrong

This isn’t just a stupid love song

Life has now changed, maybe for better or worse

Guess we don’t know what comes in the next verse

My eyes stay wide open even when fatigued

I will not be beaten, never will I take heed

Self care and healing is what I must do now

Not knowing where to start, or even how

I may seem distant, angry or pissed

I’m dealing with it, they shall be missed

A part of my life will soon be leaving

Will my ground ever be level or even?

Close your eyes, breathe deeply

Let it out, you need to really

Tomorrow is not today, relax, take it easy

Look after yourself, keep yourself busy

New work

I used to know how to love

I used to know how to love

But now I’ve had enough

My life has crumbled apart

And it is just soggy art

The paper breaks at the seams

It can no longer be cleaned

Who would even want to?

Who would know what to do?

I think I’ll stay a while

Maybe one day I’ll learn to smile

For now I will rest in the dark

One day maybe a fresh start

Close the doors and throw the key far

I used to enjoy watching the stars

Finally I can be at peace

I’m so tired, time to sleep

New work

Get back up

Getting back up

After falling down

Is the hardest thing

To overcome the frown

The constant depression

The fullest regrets

The nagging angst

They all try to get

But you have to ignore it

As if it doesn’t exist

If was never there

It will not be missed

Take one day at a time

Love yourself

Get back up

Look after your health

New work

We used to watch the sunsets

We used to watch the sunsets

On the sea wall

I used to stare into your eyes

It was magical

I used to hold your hand

As we watched the orange lower

Forever waiting effortlessly

Holding closely together

Our hands clasped symmetrically

In front of our bodies

Nothing else mattered


Always such anticipation

Until we would finally kiss

I would always melt in you

As I waited for that bliss

New work


I remember before

When things were good

When we smiled

When we laughed

When we cried

When we made love

When we talked for hours

When we cuddled

When we were close

When we were happy

When we were sad

That’s all they are now


New work


Listening to the piano

Chiming beautifully in my ears

Melody dancing calmly

As the tears form on my face

I can forget for the moment

All the pain

As I don’t have to think

I can just release myself

As if a butterfly from its cocoon

Tired in all its work

Exhausted but ready to take its leap of faith

As it spreads its wings


Beautiful anticipation

As everything turns to slow motion

The colours dancing

As the wings start to clap

That beautiful angel is parting

Fly angel butterfly