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Isn’t it funny what death is?

How does death change your perspective?

Isn’t it funny what death is?

What does it change?

Does it make us poorer?

Richer? Happier or sad?

Overjoyed, miserable?

Negative or mad?

What’s the first thing on our mind?

What did this person leave behind?

All the treasures you have to go through

Most of it junk, now they are through

What about the cockroaches that want a part

The fuckers that were never there from the fucking start

Why is everything money, what do they want?

Just their part of it, of course it belongs

Funny thing death, it’s never the same

If it wasn’t complicated it would be lame

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Can’t do this anymore

Swallow me up

Spit me out

Crush me with your foot

And leave me to die

I don’t want to stay

To exist anymore

I fucking hate life

Every minute every chore

If I had the courage

I would end it all

But because I’m a coward

I’ll shoulder my fall

I hate it more

With every breath

What’s the point?

This torturous test

Take your head

Smash it against the wall

That’s what it feels like

Life this is called

Wish I could choke

Kick the chair to the floor

If I wasn’t so scared

Can’t do this anymore

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I can’t sleep tonight

Troubled head

Troubled mind

Troubled soul

I wish that I could be cleansed

Be better

Sometimes just to drop of the side of the planet

I find myself asking always, why?

Why is the question that questions a question

And frankly, I don’t know anymore

What to do

What would be better?

If I could just disappear




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Sweet sixteen part 1

Sweet sixteen in sunny Southend

Having fun with all my friends

I see a girl so cute to me

I wonder if we could talk, maybe

I suck up the courage we start to chat

She has lovely curls, her hair tied back

That golden hair so firey red

I’m so mixed up within my head

Do you want to go out on a date?

I asked to her, but I had to wait

She had to go, to leave me there

I felt rejected, I could only stare

I walk back home, 10 miles in the cold

Seemed to take hours, the cold taking hold

I checked my Nokia every five minutes

Stressing myself out, feeling so sick

Would she call would she text?

If she did what would we do next?

I got ready for bed, getting fed up

She never called, I had had enough

I layed down sighing to myself

Would I always be single? On the shelf?

I cried to myself, feeling so depressed

Eventually falling asleep, finally getting rest

Dreaming of her, wishing to be close

In her arms, wishing to never be let go

Woken up, in the middle of the night

Telephone ringing, gave me a fright

Can’t even see, where did my glasses go?

I try to make it out, such a fuzzy glow

My god it’s her, she finally text

I find my glasses under the bed

What do I write? How do I start?

Could this be a beautiful depart?


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1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

A prank call

I’m at work and the telephone starts to ring. Number withheld so I answer the thing.

Hello how may I help, I said. A brief pause then the insult he said.

I didn’t hear well so I ask him to repeat. The insult again, my heart increases it’s beat.

I think how should I respond to this little boy. What’s your game you little runt, this is your joy?

The little idiot has wound me up. Goodbye little boy, I hang up!

Taken from Rhyming poetry to change your day by Philip Lister

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1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

Awkward love

Sex, oh it’s great

New person, mmm, wait

Awkward the first time

Remember her

How’d she kiss, burgggh

Like a fish, was her

Goodbye, next for me

She was taller than a tree

Do something don’t just lay there

Your creeping me out with your stare

I do all the work, stay on your back

More action from a bloody sack

Tried once with an old friend

Interesting the moment spent

Emotions empty never that great

Never again for goodness sakes

Phil lister 08/10/17

Taken from Rhyming poetry to change your day by Philip Lister

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1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

Along comes love

Do you ever remember single life?

I remembered thinking of my strife

I always thought I’d never find her

I’d want so hard and all girls scarpered

I was so lonely, so down

I was not fun to be around

I was pathetic, desperate, all the above

I was ready to do anything for love

I tried so hard, it never worked

I depressed myself, went a little berserk

I tried everything, meeting different girls

The only thing was it seemed a different world

Sometimes we can meet one and she is the one

Sometimes we meet a 100 and have lots of fun

You must never quit, wallow in pity

I’ve been there, I felt real shitty

Life goes on and surprisingly enough

When you don’t expect it along comes love.

Phil lister 09/10/17

Taken from Rhyming poetry to change your day by Philip Lister

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Will you go?

Never good enough

Everyone screams

You’d think it was

A murder scene

No one listens

As hearts break

Realising all

Was a mistake

Told to go

Get your stuff

Get the fuck out

Had enough

Think about it

Before you leave


Life upheaved

What do you want?

Do you even know?

Will you stay?

Will you go?