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Can’t wait to see you again

I can’t wait to see you again

A week felt like forever

Fading from my memory

But never forgotten

Your hair

Your blue eyes

Your smile so sweet

I can’t wait to see you

And hold you in my arms

I need my drug in my system

To give me back my energy

My will to live

I’ve been so empty with you away

I will cherish every moment

We will pass together again

My little girl

I just can’t wait

Sleep tight

Daddy will be there soon


New work



Take this moment to look around

Take in your surroundings

The people talking

The pictures on the wall

The weather outside

Relate to the pictures


Daydream in to the past

A past where you enjoyed life

Where you don’t have to be where you are now


Zone to freedom

Out of your own silence

Close your eyes

And reflect

What do you need?


Lose yourself

Run through all the green meadows

Smell a million flowers

Remember the scents

The rose Brocéliande

A fresh pavoine

The curry plant that entices you to brush your hand against it

Jump into a bed of blue bells

And feel their petals

Leave yourself there

New work

Beautiful flowers

I love the flowers

I love their beauty

The warmth of spring

As all the leaves grow

Then comes the flower buds

How glorious to watch

To wait

The anticipation is unbearable

I hate to wait

But I have to

I have no choice

When the flower is ready

It will reveal its beauty

The sun will shine

Day after day

And eventually

It will bloom

In all its magnificence

I love roses, dhalias, lillies and sunflowers

Everyday I will admire you

While you are there

Looking over me

Until your final bloom

I am always sad when you stop

When you leave me

And all of your flowers die

To the ground

I hate to see you departed

Because it means the cold is coming

The snow the hale

The wind and the rain

I hate this weather

Even if I know it is essential

The rain always depresses me

I will always stay inside

And bide my time

Until one day

That I clear the weeds

And I turn the ground

And I see all these glorious bulbs

I leave them dormant

And wonder what they were

It’s always so amazing

So pretty

Until they stick their heads back out

To say hello again

For what was once beautiful

Will always die

We will cut its limbs

And it will come back stronger

More beautiful

I can’t wait to see you

My angels

I will look after you

If you will look over me

I love my pretty flowers


New work

Let me satisfy your desires

Close your eyes

When you finally sleep

I will be there

Can you feel me?

My presence?

That breath on your neck

I’m watching you

I can see what you are feeling

Thinking about me

Pretend it’s me

You have my permission

Sweat beading on your brow

I love how your lips curl

Your teeth so cute

As you open your mouth


Feel my burn

Your breath audible now

Cover falling off

Is it getting too hot?

Mmm I love seeing you touch

It is me

Bite your lip

Make it bleed

Can you feel my lips on yours?

Hand inside your panties

Touch yourself

I’m here with you

Rising your body

Arching for me

Ripping your top off

You invite me to smell you

Oh vanilla

I can taste you

Pulling down your panties

Revealing your trimmed hair

I can see how wet

I blow hot breath

Sending you to ecstacy

Them clouds look so soft

As you grip the cotton

More you beg

Do you want me?

You have to really want me

Before I can satisfy

Every one of your desires


New work

Trying to be strong

My emotions are really overcoming now

Trying to be strong

But the shell has been cracked

And water is forcing itself in

I don’t know what will kill me first

The suffocation or the want to leave

The tears won’t stop coming

I can be free but I don’t want to

I could leave but I don’t want to

I could end it but I don’t want to

I could live but I don’t want to

I don’t want to eat

I don’t want to live

I don’t want to work

I don’t want to love

I don’t want to be loved

Overwhelmed is a feeling?

Purgatory is possible when we are alive?

When I die I want to be burnt

I want to be free

Don’t put me in a box

Forcing people to visit me

Let me fly one last time

Let me feel the wind

I love not feeling it’s coldness

It feels good not being cold

I’m tired

I wish I could be helped

This soul is lost

It’s hard to find light

When darkness is all around us

I cut my eyes out

Because I don’t want to see anymore

Please take them



New work

I can’t help but cry

As you stare into my soul

You see my every weakness

My flaws laid bare

I can’t help but cry


I want to be held

Not daring to move

My eyes unable to look at you

You take me in your arms

Holding me close

Your touch feels so good

I can’t help but cry


I tighten our embrace

In fear of rupture

I breathe your odour

Smelling your hair

Pulling you closer

Until you move away

Pushing my face up

I can’t help but cry


Your lips embrace mine

Everything will be ok

I can’t help but cry


New work

Not this time

I thought I could

Felt so good

To be inside

I thought I would

But I started thinking

And I thought to much

It got too much

Nothing was enough

So frustrated

What the fucks wrong?

Why not working?

What’s going on?

Am I broken?

Is it too hot?

All these excuses

Sucker punch


Not too quick!

This time

Stick won’t quit


Maybe next time


Will hopefully be mine

New work


What does that mean?

How many years torn at the seams?

Maybe all is not as it seems

Being more open can be a new scene


Does that mean we can play flirting a bit?

Doing naughty things, maybe crazy shit

It’s new to me is this something couples do?

Help have you done the same? I haven’t a clue


I’ve always been so sexual, always needed it

Temptation always great, so I suppressed that shit

To be told I can explore, to be twenty something again

To flirt with a different girl and to become friends


I still don’t know how I feel age has a funny effect

Sexual tendancies, orientations, exploring to inspect

What do we want? What pleases us now?

Is it the same for you? It blows my mind. Wow!