1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

My ex the ice queen

My ex, I called her the ice queen

My name for her because she was mean

She wasn’t always like that to start

But that girl tore my heart apart

A year and a half I wasted with her

We argued once and she cowered

She did not want me to have a life

To her this just seemed right

She split up with me Christmas eve

I couldn’t accept it I was so peeved

I took it hard, I left that day

On the train on a new way

I couldn’t stand it, the rejection killed

That queen smothered me and broke my will

I tried getting back on with things

So I took on what life would bring

One day I saw her, I saw her again

That girl knew just how to get in my brain

We studied in London we waited for a train

How she was so smug it drove me insane

She talked about her boyfriend running her a bath

Oh that smug bitch, how could she laugh

I’m over her now, but it took a long while

That ice queen bite was viscous, even vile

Philip lister 11/10/17

Taken from Rhyming poetry to change your day by Philip Lister

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1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

Suicidal swill

Drained, tired, had enough

This funny thing called love

Misunderstood words, different views

Body sick gonna spew

Recuperate energy, charge up

Batteries empty, never last

Easy way out, selfish way

Tablets cupboard, cowards play

Cocktail vodka mixed with pills

Do the trick, suicidal swill

Philip lister 15/10/17

Taken from Rhyming poetry to change your day by Philip Lister

1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

Tiresome life

Give me a break, give me some peace

5 mins please that’s all I need

Do this do that don’t ever stop

I’m going crazy, losing the plot

Washup, laundry you name it

Sweeping, baby, no time to sh..

No sleep, interrupted, all the time

Go to work, zombiefied, tow the line

Drive back, rush, fill up the car

Get in, baby bath, dry and feed her

I’m weak, breaking down, had enough

Go to bed early cause I feel so rough

What I do for my family, all the chores

I don’t care how I feel, not at all.


Taken from Rhyming poetry to change your day by Philip Lister

1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

Is this goodbye?

I’m going to do it, I’ve had enough
This life for me has no fucking love

I have no fear, I defy all in my darkest time

I’m downing this bottle, all this wine

I need it as I don’t want to feel the pain

When I’m going to cut up all my vein

I’m going to bleed, to end my life

To exit this devastation, the hassle, the strife

I deserve it, to suffer, for what I will leave

My family, all the others, what will they believe?

By finding me here, in a puddle of my blood

As my body will piss blood like a crimson flood

What will they do, what will they say?

Will they forgive me, will they pray?

I’m weak, I’m desperate, but this is my ultimate plan

It is me who will hold my life in my hands

What will it be like when I start to cut?

Will my tears flow, will I have the guts?

Can I cut deep, explode an artery?

What am I doing, am I worried?

I’m so selfish, taking the easy root out if I dare

Not worried about my friend, the only person who really cares

She’s so special, she matters so much

I imagine for her this is going to suck

Forced to listen, to accept how I feel,

All my cries for help, how does she feel?

Sorry to my family for not being the timid girl you want

I’m the strong feminist, will you miss me when I’m gone?

You always judged me for being me

Why did you never want me to be happy?

I hate myself for being an attention seeker wanting to die

It’s going to happen now, will I do it, is this goodbye?


A poem about the life of one of my readers. A massive thank you to you.

Taken from Rhyming poetry to change your day by Philip Lister

New work

Miss you my friend

Where did you come from?

Where is your mum?

Are you hungry?

Do you like to have fun?

What’s the matter?

Don’t be shy

I won’t hurt you

Please don’t cry

Come here

Give me a hug

In this life

All we need is love

You see now

You feel better

Don’t feel scared

You don’t have to, ever

You have nice eyes

So big and round

You wouldn’t hurt me?

A loving frown

I love your teeth

They’re so big

What do you eat?

Toast and Nesquik

What lovely wings

They are so cool

Can I touch them?

Can we go to school?

I can show you off

You can meet my class

There is this one kid

He’s such an ass

No don’t go

Please come back

Why you leaving?

You’re making me sad

I’ll miss you

Hope to see you again

I love you

Miss you my friend

New work

I never thought it would

So happy to work

To finally be

Accepted by someone

Financially free

To watch my bank

Start to grow

As I save money

Look at it go

I buy a car

Keep it pristine clean

Take care of it

Watch it gleam

I go to the pub

I drink and smoke

I enjoy myself

Life is no joke

Forty now

Still enjoying myself

Life is good

Ok health

All the money

In the bank

House paid off

No more rent

I never married

No kids for me

I was happy

Living free

Go on holiday

Where I like

Enjoy the sun

Beautiful life

Ready to retire

Put my feet up

Chill out a bit

It’s been a bit much

Ready to receive

My first pension cheque

Waited so long

To be paid back

My account online

Is looking good

Order in takeout

Some nice fancy food

As the doorbell rings

I go to open

I lose my footing

My hip is broken

I call for an ambulance

And dial 999

I cry to myself

Over the line

The lady on the phone

“Sir can you hear me?”

Unable to respond

I drop the phone feebly

I never thought

It would end like this

I just wish

I would have been missed

1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

Pity life goes on

I’ve had it hard in life, I remember it well

Sixteen and I moved out, from hell to….hell!

I had experience me, under my belt

Making ends meet, god that shit smelt!

I was young, eighteen living with my bloke

Living at his parents so we weren’t broke

We were trying to buy some land, we busted our ass

200 miles, 3 days a week, Alaska’s fucking class!

Then my guy got a job close, awesome news

His parents loved me, god it was so cool

Things going well, so bloody great

My guy comes home, a lot on his plate

He sits down, I jump on his lap and try to kiss him

He pushes me off, to the floor like I sinned?

“What did I do, what’s wrong with you?”

“Get out, leave, I had enough of you!”

“No please, I love you, stay with me”

“Get the fuck out! It’s not to be!”

I left, stormed out, cried all night long

Got wasted somewhere before getting home

I go to our bed to get in next to my man

Not happening girl, you been banned

The prick left the morning, left me like that

The coward got his mum to toss me out, the twat!

I had nothing, no money, just my car

So I drove for a while and stopped at a bar

I slept at the beach, wasted that night

Wasters walking by gave me a fright

Tequila, smoking weed, partying when I didn’t work

My heart broken, in pieces from that poxy jerk!

I wanted to die, kill myself, drive into a wall

I couldn’t cope with life, not at all

So I smoked a million cigarettes, I drank and I got high

I did some bad things and I told lots of lies

I ended up at my sister’s place, she let me stay

I continued to party hard and I slept where I laid

Until one day my sister kicked me awake

Get up girl, get a grip for fucks sake

She told me to scrub up, stop feeling sorry for yourself

So I listened to her and I spruced up myself

She took me to a job interview, I got through

Within a week I got a second job too

I got my life back on the road and everything changed

Thanks to my sister for being there and helping my pain.


A poem about the life of one of my readers. A massive thank you to you


Taken from Rhyming poetry to change your day by Philip Lister

1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

Quarantined asylum

I’m searching for escape

Got so much on my plate

It’s too much for me

I wish I could be free

Pondering what to do

Even considered faking the flu

Just nowhere to go nowhere to roam

Stuck here grounded, consealed to the home

Pacing the walls up and down

Impossible to evade this frown

Space is eluding time to myself

It’s starting to inflict my mental health

Being selfish now thirst for solitude

My bubbled silence my way, not rude

Evading anger in every way I can

Because it is not an acceptable plan

Am I cowardly how I percevere?

I do not know, certainly not clear

Cannot run, never really been my game

I’ve always been too stubborn and refrained

How long can I last this intense pain

Hopefully not before I go insane


Taken from Rhyming poetry to change your day by Philip Lister

1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

His name is Jared


I longed to have a child, I longed to be a mum

But according to the medical world it could not be done

Oh the grief I felt to need to mother a child

Adoption for my partner just turned out too wild

So I sat there in my gloom, feeling sorry for myself

My motherhood instincts destined for the shelf

Somehow fifteen years on the ultimate miracle befell me

I became pregnant, how on earth, I was happy as can be

It was a shock and I went through it all

Resentment kicked in and denial, awful

It took some time but I came to terms

It took me a month but I soon learned

I was so happy with my baby and our future dreams

But nothing would ever turn out as simple as it seemed

I went in to premature labour, my son was born

It was too early for him and my heart was torn

He was given to me, my angel, my boy on my chest

Thirty minutes he had to live, then he continued his rest

Skin to skin, his heartbeat with mine

His breathing, me wanting to slow down time

He died in my arms, in my fucking arms

I would of given my life for him not to of been harmed

I laid for hours watching him, screaming, crying, wailing

Why this way? Why? I was in shock, even shaking

I examined him, every inch of his perfect face

I could not look away, his mother’s sweet embrace

I fell in love, real love that day

Love bloomed in my heart in every way


It is now 6 years on from the death of my son

I have learned so much and I refuse to run

It’s not like I could just walk away from my grief

Like trying to escape my arm, my leg or even my beliefs

I learned who my true friends really are

All their support, they were really my stars

And I sympathize with others now it wasn’t always the case

Because them empty friends were really a waste of space

And I know that I can’t control everything in life it’s not the way

I love you my son and I will always remember you on our day



A poem about the life of one of my readers. A massive thank you to you.

A beautiful and wonderful soul.