Searching for you

So called love

Tired of being what you want me to be

I will never be good enough

My soul sucked by your every wish

Your selfish thoughts

Your every desire

To change me to something I am not

You never see me smile

Because of hurt inside

It is your fault

You did this to me

My anger so bitter I could



I wouldn’t know how

To escape this poisonous gauntlet of love

Or so called

One day you will see


Hello from me

Old Phil

Just a little photo

To say hello to you

Getting older now

Balding too

Bones grind

That little bit more

Out of breath

Everything’s a chore

Back to you

How is today

Hope you smiled once

And I brightened your day

Searching for you

Blinded by your beauty

Never do I feel so lost

When your presence is far away

Longing for your silky touch

To keep my fears at bay

Through darkness you shine bright

Guiding the blackened path

Blinded when staring directly

Your beauty being so vast

Unable to impede myself

I will suffer my fate

For my final glance

Will be upon your face

Remembered for an eternity

Scarred into my mind

The last time I will see you

For now I have become blind

Taken from my latest poetry book searching for you

New work

This virtual world

You’re in and out

I can’t understand

What is your goal

What is your plan

Do you like me

Is that why you’re here

Do you like to

Stop and stare

Do I please you

Looking at me

Do I make you

Really happy

What do you look like

I wonder to myself

I wonder why

You never reveal yourself

You lurk in the shadows

A real lonely ghost

Talking occasionally

To be a good host

One day you will talk more

And we’ll talk for real

This virtual world

Is so surreal

Searching for you

Would it be the end

She knew it was poison

It would hurt her soul

It could even kill her

If she let it take hold

She would invite the wolf

To come into her lair

She knew the past

It had been laid bare

It was her choice to make

To love once again

Would this time be different

Or would it be the end


Taken from my latest book Searching for you