New work

This virtual world

You’re in and out

I can’t understand

What is your goal

What is your plan

Do you like me

Is that why you’re here

Do you like to

Stop and stare

Do I please you

Looking at me

Do I make you

Really happy

What do you look like

I wonder to myself

I wonder why

You never reveal yourself

You lurk in the shadows

A real lonely ghost

Talking occasionally

To be a good host

One day you will talk more

And we’ll talk for real

This virtual world

Is so surreal

New work

Morning blues

So they call it morning blues

And it’s viscious too

Invading your mind

Seeping into

All the cracks

The crevices fine

Through the veins


How it weeps

Into the blood

Causing dismay

Abysmal drug

Face lay bare

For all to see

Go on look

This misery

As it lasts so long

All through the day

Toying with the mind

It’s way to play

Delve far within

Peeling back the skin

Controlling emotions

It should be a sin

As the tears fall

Unable to hold back

Seeking answers

For all the cracks

Tear yourself down

Build the bricks back

Pull it together

Morning blues attack

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Why is depression so overwhelming?

Why is depression so overwhelming?

It seems as if fighting it is useless but I don’t even know why it is there.

I didn’t go to bed with it but it lays with my head on the pillow and when I look at myself brushing my teeth.

The car journey to work automatic as my brain tells me stories of what I can do as it holds me captive as I cannot switch off.

It is so heavy, piggy backing me while I get my coffee and sit down at my desk.

Thank god I have my job to push these thoughts away.

Get off my back!

New work


What is this feeling

Why does it tiptoe into my mind every night

On the pillow cushioning my head

As the gravity pulls me in

Conscience becomes so apparent

As if to say I’m here

Like that one night stand you regret

When your bed is smaller

Pushing against you

Spooning you

No is not a response

You have to accept it

Sadness won’t leave you alone

Sadness is home

It is here to stay