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Innocence stolen

Why does sadness weep within my pores?

What ever I see is immediately absorbed

It seeps in deep and swallows me whole

Like a wormhole, nowhere to go

I ache for solitude, to be left alone

I can’t even return now, there is no home

Torn away, ripped as a page from a book

My innocence is gone, it has been took


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A new start

Time whispering away

As snow patters to the floor

Chorus in the streets

Awaiting the new year

Saying goodbye to regrets

That we hold on to so deep

Cutting away through our skin

As we cry the tears we weep

Reflecting forever hard

On what cannot be undone

Trudging through the tormented life

Another year has begun

As the fireworks explode

In a chorus of hurrah

Forgetting all our troubles

Wishing they were afar

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Stupid test

Oh I love to wear a mask

Oh I love to feel so daft

Feeling muzzled just like a dog

Glasses steaming with stupid fog

Now I’m waiting in my line

Like a sheep just stuck behind

Hey stand back! You’re in my space

Can’t you see my I don’t care face

I’m poking my tongue out, just for you

Oh darn it, did you see it, sorry, oops

Don’t hit me, I apologise mate

Can’t you see it was just a mistake

God we’re going crazy, what a bloody mess

It’s the new road rage, everyone’s upset

Can’t take a joke. Sticking things up the nose

I think about funny things, cheesy smelly toes

Now that passes better, that second of pain

Stupid medical test, Like it’s a game

It didn’t really hurt, that tear in my eye

Just a bit of dust caught me by surprise

Until the next time, sure I’ll see you again

It wasn’t that bad, even if there is no end

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New work

The secret is out!

Is it normal I don’t have a voice?

Is it normal I don’t have a choice?

Is it normal you can touch me where you want?

Is it normal that I can’t stop you and you won’t?

Do I have to keep my mouth shut for the rest of my life?

Do I have to live with the torment, suffer the lies?

Do I have to watch on as you do what you do again?

Do I have to worry that the next person may be my friend?

I am scared but I will stay silent no more

I am scared but I was never your whore

I am scared of what you may do to me

I am scared but my conscious is free

The secret is out I hope you will be shamed

The secret is out, an end to your game

The secret is out, to be censored like me

The secret is out…


New work


Good morning daddy

Please pick me up

Hold me tight

I love you so much

Good morning daddy

I love your eyes

What will we do today?

Is it a surprise?

Good morning daddy

Are you okay?

You’re not yourself

Can we play?

Good morning daddy

You’re coughing a lot

Drink some syrup

To make it stop

Good morning mummy

Where is daddy today?

Why are you crying?

Can we go play?

New work

I will remember him

I watched him pulling up in his expensive car

I had seen him driving slow from afar

I offered to clean, with my water and rag

The window opened and there was a young lad

He had a toy tractor, yellow and green

This amazing toy my eyes had never seen

He let me play with it for a second or two

He smiled at me, then offered it too

I was so happy, by this boy’s geste

I searched my affairs with behest

I shared a sweet that mother had made

He ate with me, it made my day

The car drove off, he waved goodbye

I will remember him, till the day I die


Childhood · depression · New work

That’s a big mistake

That boy at school

Life already so hard

He teases me

Every day a new start


I never asked for this

To have him in my class

He always bullies me

Such an ass


He laughs with his friends

Just because he can

I don’t have any

No one understands


I work by myself

Always apart

I wear it on my sleeve

My fragile heart


Why do they have to be mean?

What did I ever do?

Am I so different from them?

Why do they exclude?


Days and days

This torment goes on

Nothing changes

The same repeating song


I can’t tell anyone

My mum doesn’t even care

I’m getting sick of it

I’m really scared


Being threatened now

Thumped in the chest

Shirt ripped down the side

I just want to rest


I am so fed up now

So I will bring an arm

I will wait for him

This time I will inflict harm


The last day of school

Before summer break

He decides to attack me

That’s a big mistake

Childhood · depression · New work

Be strong

Remembering when

We used to be small

When we used to laugh

A joy to be born


When parents could be nice

We weren’t beaten and bruised

Just relying on innocence

Not knowing the word abused


But a few of us unlucky

To be where we were

Silence and quivering

Not daring to stir


Not to get up early

Or to make a noise

Mustn’t disturb them

Cannot have a voice


The beatings taken

Black and blue

Bones cracked

Shattered through


Shy children

Not daring to talk

Too scared at school

It showed in the walk


Where would we go?

If we could ever run

What would happen to us?

If we returned home


We can always talk

Escape can be made

Talk to someone, anyone

You can get away


You can always talk to someone. The scariest part is leaving. There are always people that can help.

Be strong