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I never got to say goodbye!

I miss you so much

It feels like yesterday

Years have passed by

All along the way

It happened so quickly

In not even a year

You were taken from me

My biggest fear

I dream of seeing you

Hugging you tight

Holding you in my arms

Smiling with delight

Talking to you just once

To say what I had to say

“Dad I miss you, I love you”

I always will, come what may

Many years have passed

Even now it makes me cry

Remembering like it was yesterday

I never got to say goodbye


One of my all time favourite poems

Poem 1 in my book Rhyming poetry to change your day – available now for free download

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10 thoughts on “I never got to say goodbye!

  1. I wrote a poem entitled “Never Got To Say Goodbye” I relate to this poem because I never got to say goodbye to my mom or my dad. It’s like I never had closure. But I still love them and they me. Love never says goodbye. It waits for you to connect again and is still warm and compassionate and in the soul for eternal days.

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    1. Hi, thanks so much for your message, I love it when I hear that someone relates to what I have written and even better it it can inspire too. Our lives are filled with regrets of what we were never able to do, or did not have the courage or the opportunity. I think deep down they would of known. I am sorry for your loss. I hope that you are well. Have a great day.

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  2. Beautiful but heart-wrenching. I’m so very sorry you couldn’t say goodbye to your dad. You very obviously loved him dearly and I’m sure he would have known that. I couldn’t say goodbye to my Mum either. I’ve wished and wished I could have been there to hold a hand when she passed away. She was alone, and I don’t know if I’ll ever come to terms with that. I don’t think we ever quite get over losing a parent, but I think it gets easier as time goes by. I can’t help but have regrets, though. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful and sensitive heart and soul … Ellie 💕

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    1. I’m sorry to hear about your mother. It is heart wrenching losing a parent. We always have regrets about what we should of done or said and what is now impossible to say. Other that that it is hard not to dwell on the past but yes it does get easier with time but it is so difficult to deal with at that moment. We all have our different ways to deal with it too. Thank you so much for your words.

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