WIP 2021

New project 2021 – Chapter 2 part 1

Frank angry from the night’s events got into the black Mercedes. Rose opening the passenger door and closing behind her.

“Well that went well didn’t it” she said. “Don’t lecture me” Frank snapped. Angrily starting the car. The car screeched away leaving tyre tracks.

Paul had been walking for a while now uttering to himself with discontent for his dad. He was soaked through from the constant rain.

“Probably gonna catch a cold now because of that idiot, Why did he have to act like that? Showing me up in front of everyone!”

“I’m gonna get home, I’m gonna get my stuff and I’m gonna leave” he shouted to the sky.

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I never got to say goodbye!

I miss you so much

It feels like yesterday

Years have passed by

All along the way

It happened so quickly

In not even a year

You were taken from me

My biggest fear

I dream of seeing you

Hugging you tight

Holding you in my arms

Smiling with delight

Talking to you just once

To say what I had to say

“Dad I miss you, I love you”

I always will, come what may

Many years have passed

Even now it makes me cry

Remembering like it was yesterday

I never got to say goodbye


One of my all time favourite poems

Poem 1 in my book Rhyming poetry to change your day – available now for free download

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