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We hardly kiss goodbye

Talk to me softly

I can’t remember the last time

We had an intimate moment

Or shared a bottle of wine

To smile and laugh together

To hang on each other’s word

All this wanting

May seem to be absurd

We just need a little attention

To spark the match again

To go back to like before

When we were still friends

But all that being lost now

As we hardly kiss goodbye

All the time thinking

Why it is like this? Why?

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Poem from Searching for you by Philip Lister

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A new start

Time whispering away

As snow patters to the floor

Chorus in the streets

Awaiting the new year

Saying goodbye to regrets

That we hold on to so deep

Cutting away through our skin

As we cry the tears we weep

Reflecting forever hard

On what cannot be undone

Trudging through the tormented life

Another year has begun

As the fireworks explode

In a chorus of hurrah

Forgetting all our troubles

Wishing they were afar

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My daughter’s dream

My little girl

4 years is she

Wants to be an astronaught

Would make her happy


I thought to say no

But what do I know?

One day it’s possible

How can we know?


Maybe for now

It is just a dream

I will not take it away

Pull at its seams


Such beautiful innocence

I wait for the next

My daughter’s dreams

They are the best


Searching for you is a collection of poetry about love, heartbreak and happiness. A raw journey looking at our search in life to find ourselves and that special someone.

Flowers · Life · love

Bloom for me

I love watching you

Anticipating the sunshine

As it creeps up its head

The horizon an orange blur

I feel the warmth on my face

My morning dose of pleasure

The shade shadows vacate

And the light powers through

And I wait

Waiting to see your beauty

All your colours

Your vibrancy

As if magic to my eyes

And ecstacy to my soul

For I needed to see you


Feed on the suns rays

Bloom in all magnificence

Call the bees

With your melodic inticing nectar

I am as the bees

Subdued by your odour

Hypnotised by your posture

I allow myself to smell you

To inspire you

My drug

My love

fantasy · Life · love

I won’t let go

Proceed with caution

Read the sign

A long way down

A steep decline

Surely if

We were to fall

To our deaths

That wouldn’t be cool

Hold my hand

We will make it there

Stay close to me

Don’t be scared

We start to cross

That rickety bridge

Starting to shake

Over the abyss

Stay with me

Don’t look down

We will make it

We will not drown

Moving faster

To get away

To reach safety

Keep fear at bay

Almost there

At the end

Nearly made it

Energy spent

Then we hear

The horrible sound

The chords break

From their bound

Gravity pulling

As the bridge falls

I hold you tight

Trying to stall

I won’t let go

Never would I dare

I look in your eyes

That fearful stare

I pull you to the top

On to me

We breathe together

And feel the breeze

Safe at last

To continue on

Forever searching

To us we belong

Flowers · Life · love

Waiting to adorn you

I wait patiently

Waiting to adorn you

Your beauty

If only temporary

I still seek it

To quench the thirst

Of my eyes

To satisfy my need

Of inhaling your odour

To caress your

Soft velvetness

For the moment I remain

Patiently waiting

As a disciple

Why do you have this effect?

I never noticed it before

I just wish to nurture you

So you can give back

Your beauty in payment

So I can linger in your perfume

And think constantly of you

And even when you will die

I will have done my best

The coolness will come

And you will will be no more

My sadness will come back

But I will know

In myself

This goodbye

Shall not be

The last

I will wait again

Life · love

Goodbye my father

Goodbye my father

I got a call, I remember, I thought it was a stroke

I left that day, to the hospital, my heart broke

I arrived there to see you there lying still

I hoped it untrue, it was my only will

Then I was there, at your side hoping you might wake

“Oh god, wake up, please, for goodness sake”

Suddenly you sat up and you looked to me

“Who are you?” that feeling still sickens me

Then you laid back down, back into a sleep

We were shocked, we started to weep

Time passed by, agonizingly slow

Just waiting, waiting for time to go

I knew, what was coming, to me it was clear

Your heart, your soul, about to disappear

The final moments came, you left us for good

My father, I love you and I always would.


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If I could change the colour of the sky

If I could change the colour of the sky

What would I wish it to be

I don’t wish for blue anymore

It just doesn’t appeal to me

How bout yellow, I like it so

So bright and cheerful to see

Like a flower so sweet to smell

That’s the colour for me

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Tell me your secret

Maybe I didn’t know

What your secret was

What you have been hiding

Only just because

Your darkest little thing

That you keep to yourself

Thinking about you all the time

And nobody else

But you forget I know you

And I know when you lie

You cannot hide it from me

I can see it in your eyes

Go on spill it now

Tell me what it is

Let it off your chest

You owe me at least this

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