1. Rhyming poetry to change your day · 1. Searching for you

The roses wilting

The roses wilting

Over the side of the glass

Sensed they had given up

Could not forever last

My sickening feeling

Inside of me

Sadness seeping out

Wanting to be freed

They look so tired

As if it’s the end

Flowers to one side

No way to mend

As I gaze down

Studying the floor

A tear leaves my eye

I can’t do this anymore

Grabbing the stalks

Piercing my hand

Throwing with force

Don’t care where they land

As I collapse to the floor

Feeling sorry for myself

I have given up

I need to find help


1. Searching for you

I will find you !

We have been confined

Unable to help

Searching for you

As you have no-one else

Finally I know

You have been taken ill

But your whereabouts unknown

A very bitter pill

I know now

That it will not be too long

I will find answers

And what has been going on

You will know you have someone

That cares about you

Because in this life

We do what we have to do

1. Searching for you

Your glistening tear

Your glistening tear

Running down your cheek

Your silent words

You would never speak

I would wonder why

What i had done

To start this reaction

How it begun

To say I’m sorry

To make it stop

To ask forgiveness

To turn back the clock

But now you sob

Your tears overflow

You point to the door

It’s time to go


1. Searching for you

A smile tells many stories

Can you see my smile?

Can you read my eyes?

Am I a book to you?

Will you question why?

Am I happy?

Is it bliss?

Am I ecstatic?

Or really pissed?

Maybe I am crying

Hurting deep inside

So lost in my life

I can only despise

Maybe I just don’t care

Given up on all

Nothing in this life

Keeps me enthralled

Maybe this smile is sincere

You’re reading me too much

Am I content as can be?

Am I in love?

1. Searching for you

Beautiful sun

It was not cold this morn

Dew was on the grass

The breeze almost still

As if waiting for nature to whisper

To make my hairs stand up

Watching the horizon

As I have a million times

Awaiting its glow

Until finally

It peeps its head

Mesmerising yellow

I longed for your warmth

My naked skin breathing you

Your incredible brilliance

Fill my every nook

I am yours

To take me again and again

I will always wait for you

Fidel to the end

Beautiful sun

1. Searching for you

Will I send the letter?

My words on paper, my heart my soul

I give you my heart, torn out whole

Every word written, with all my love

Each one spaced even, just enough

The care I take, to present fine art

Hoping it’s enough, to win your heart

If I had the courage to send this letter

Fear of rejection, gets the better

Will I dare to send it? your surprise

Read my wishes, only for your eyes

1. Searching for you

Magical stardust, I’m in love with you

The stars are beautiful tonight

I’m hoping to always see this light

So beautiful, glistening in the sky

I gaze on watching, as I lie

Wishing that it would never end

That the darkness would never descend

A perfect view, panoramic all around

All is quiet, not even a sound

This beautiful moment, cherished in the dark

Forever in my mind, a permanent mark

I will never forget this amazing view

Magical stardust, I’m in love with you