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The roses wilting

The roses wilting

Over the side of the glass

Sensed they had given up

Could not forever last

My sickening feeling

Inside of me

Sadness seeping out

Wanting to be freed

They look so tired

As if it’s the end

Flowers to one side

No way to mend

As I gaze down

Studying the floor

A tear leaves my eye

I can’t do this anymore

Grabbing the stalks

Piercing my hand

Throwing with force

Don’t care where they land

As I collapse to the floor

Feeling sorry for myself

I have given up

I need to find help


7 thoughts on “The roses wilting

  1. Hi, Phil. I don’t know if this is how you are feeling now or if this is a poem taken from one of your books a while ago. If you are feeling like this now, please know I’m thinking of you and hoping you find the help you need very soon. Take care x

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      1. I’m glad you’re not feeling so down and desperate now, Phil. That’s very good to hear. I’m not so good right now; my therapy ends on Wednesday, which I’m dreading. I’m now on a waiting list to see a new therapist but have been told the wait is likely to be months rather than weeks. Where I am going, they are partly charity-funded, so they keep the costs low, whereas, if I went somewhere else, I’d be looking at about £50 – £60 per hour, which I just can’t afford. I guess I’ll have to sit it out and wait. Not easy, though. Thank you so much for asking. Keep well.

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