1. Searching for you

Should we escape?

We certainly are not the best

When talking of our hurts

We always do just what we do

And everything gets worse


We row and row and never stop

Until we are blue in the face

We never stop to think about

Giving each other some space


When we really need to discuss

We do all we can to evade

When things have gone on surely like this
Is it not time to escape?


1. Searching for you

Why do we continue?

Why do we continue?

In our history

There’s no happy ending

No wonderful to be

The talking has finished

Between me and you

Silence envelops us

It is what we do

It is always the other’s fault

Blame always has its place

Pointless arguments

In one another’s face

Depression setting in

I am sure for you too

Cause it eats at my soul

Devouring me all through

Hopelessness to leave it all

To find my own place

Being together a day

We need our own space

It’s impossible to quit

To say those last words

To read the final page

To fly off like a bird

When kids are involved

Tearing us apart

Shattering us to pieces

Breaking our hearts

That final decision

To close that door

For it will never re-open

Your decision, evermore


Taken from my latest poetry book

1. Searching for you

Making a masterpiece

The artist waited for her to appear

Before him she stood, feeling a bit queer

First time ever had she modelled at all

Little did she know she would have a ball

She took off her gown, fell down to the floor

Exposing her flesh like never before

A velvet rug lay before her in wait

Feeling its softness on her knees was great

Liberty she felt, in every respect

To be painted in art, what an aspect

Emotions laid bare, for all to be seen

Captured in one moment, never obscene

An exquisite feeling left wanting more

The artist’s mind, a depth to be explored

Their masterpiece, becomes a work of art

Something so pure, to come from the heart


Taken from my latest book

1. Searching for you

Every day implodes

How can we feel so lonely

When surrounded by everyone

Feel like such a waste of space

Unwoven and undone

Sinking uncontrollably

Clockwise down the plug

Choking on oxygen

Cause we’ve had enough

Looking for a way out

Through the putrid mud

Reaching our hand out

For someone to love

Tears cry tears in waterfalls

That we cannot control

Life is a confusing mess

That every day implodes


Taken from my latest poetry book

1. Searching for you

I wish I had someone to talk to…

I wish I had someone to talk to

How can I feel so alone?

Surrounded by my family

In my own sweet home


I can’t put my finger on it

Unable to understand

Why do I contemplate?

How do I withstand?


Constantly looking for an exit

I could leave if I want

Always putting obstacles

So that I won’t


Am I selfish

As I think of myself

What would I become?

If I became someone else?


I sometimes fantasize

About what could be the end

I think I need some help

I think I need a friend


Taken from my latest poetry book