1. Searching for you

Every day implodes

How can we feel so lonely

When surrounded by everyone

Feel like such a waste of space

Unwoven and undone

Sinking uncontrollably

Clockwise down the plug

Choking on oxygen

Cause we’ve had enough

Looking for a way out

Through the putrid mud

Reaching our hand out

For someone to love

Tears cry tears in waterfalls

That we cannot control

Life is a confusing mess

That every day implodes


Taken from my latest poetry book

2 thoughts on “Every day implodes

  1. I understand exactly what you’re saying in this poem. I, too, feel alone even when in good company. Even when I appear to be enjoying myself when with others, they never see the pain and desperation that lurks beneath the surface. I’m so sorry things are still tough for you, too. I wish you well.

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