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I won’t let go

Proceed with caution

Read the sign

A long way down

A steep decline

Surely if

We were to fall

To our deaths

That wouldn’t be cool

Hold my hand

We will make it there

Stay close to me

Don’t be scared

We start to cross

That rickety bridge

Starting to shake

Over the abyss

Stay with me

Don’t look down

We will make it

We will not drown

Moving faster

To get away

To reach safety

Keep fear at bay

Almost there

At the end

Nearly made it

Energy spent

Then we hear

The horrible sound

The chords break

From their bound

Gravity pulling

As the bridge falls

I hold you tight

Trying to stall

I won’t let go

Never would I dare

I look in your eyes

That fearful stare

I pull you to the top

On to me

We breathe together

And feel the breeze

Safe at last

To continue on

Forever searching

To us we belong

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