happy · Life

Little birdie

I look out the window

Sweet little bird

Your little cheep

Is all I heard

I see you in your nest


I give you food

And watch you play

You search for twigs

And whatever you find

You bring it back

Leave nothing behind

You leave to dig

To pick up worms

To give to your babies

So they might learn

They are getting stronger

We hear them so

Fighting together

Siblings to and fro

One falls out

Of the nest

To the floor

And breaks its neck

The neighbourhood cat

Comes along

That poor birdie

That wasn’t long

The baby is big

Testing his wings

Trying to fly

A joy to hear sing

He flies up high

And toys in the sky

I always wondered

Why he does that, why?

He is a joy to watch

As he comes back down

His mother watching

Making no sound

Then he flies in a window

And makes a loud thud

That poor bird stunned

Will he have enough?

That cat is back

The mum defends her son

She attacks the cat

The battle won

The cat backs off

As the mum chirps at her boy

The cat pounces

And plays with her like a toy

The son escapes

Out of harm’s reach

He can only watch

Of course he can’t speak

He will have to learn

How to survive

Life isn’t easy

At least he is alive

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