Ella's first day at school

Ella’s first day at school (New Book)

As Ella woke up

In her lovely bedroom

She sat herself up

And felt the gloom

She was sad this day

The first day at school

Worrying to herself

“What should I do ?”

She dressed herself

In her favourite dress

She combed her hair

From its blonde mess

Down the stairs for breakfast

With mum and dad

Yawning loud

And feeling sad

“What’s wrong Ella?”

“Why are you sad?”

Looking concerned

Spoke softly her dad

“I don’t want to go”

“It scares me so much”

“I won’t know anyone”

“I’m so fed up”

“Ella my sweet”

“You’ll be ok”

“I’ll come with you”

“At the start of your day”

In the car

Driving along

Mum changes the radio

To Ella’s favourite song

Singing together

At the top of their lungs

Making it better

Having such fun

Arriving at class

The very first time

Seeing the teacher

As the bell starts to chime

“What’s your name?”

“Its Ella miss”

She looked at her mum

And gave her a kiss

She held her hand

Still a little scared

Not letting go

Still so aware

She looked around the class

Seeing everyone play

It seemed quite cool

What would she do today?

“It’s ok mum”

“I’ll be ok”

“I love you so much”

“Have a great day”


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Childhood · depression · New work

That’s a big mistake

That boy at school

Life already so hard

He teases me

Every day a new start


I never asked for this

To have him in my class

He always bullies me

Such an ass


He laughs with his friends

Just because he can

I don’t have any

No one understands


I work by myself

Always apart

I wear it on my sleeve

My fragile heart


Why do they have to be mean?

What did I ever do?

Am I so different from them?

Why do they exclude?


Days and days

This torment goes on

Nothing changes

The same repeating song


I can’t tell anyone

My mum doesn’t even care

I’m getting sick of it

I’m really scared


Being threatened now

Thumped in the chest

Shirt ripped down the side

I just want to rest


I am so fed up now

So I will bring an arm

I will wait for him

This time I will inflict harm


The last day of school

Before summer break

He decides to attack me

That’s a big mistake

Childhood · family · Life

Midnight, the bully stomper

There was once a young girl

Let’s call her midnight

She saw some nasty bullies

So she gave them a fright

Because when they were

Picking on a kid

Poor defenseless boy

Getting a fat lip

She said stop you scum

What do you think you’re doing

Pick on me

Try and put your shoe in

And this little midnight

Shy off 5 ft tall

She stopped the bullies

With her will, that’s all

Stand up for someone

If you can

If you can’t, tell someone

Make that your plan

Just because they’re different

What difference does it make

Help another human

It’s a piece of cake

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1. Rhyming poetry to change your day · Childhood · depression · Life

Bullying scum

How you made me feel

All of you, you cowards

What you put me through

Torture, torment, your reward

From so young, all my childhood

You picked on me

Was it funny? Enjoyable?

To have power, to be?

At first, seven to ten bearable

But dad changed schools

For a moment it was better

But I was never cool

Until twelve, it was ok,

I had my ways to cope

I was small, quiet, shy

But I would soon be broke

Cue the move again,

World upside down

I was messed up

All I did was frown

I was unpopular,

Always alone

Practically no friends

Kept moving homes

I was spat on

Punched, ridiculed too

Stolen from, psychologically tortured

Name it, that too!

I’ve cried, curled in a box

Took matches and knives to school

Bought a bb gun with me

Anything to try to be cool

I was pushed so much

I lost my head

I raised a chair in my hands

To strike a boy cause I saw red

I hated school

To feel so worthless

These bullies for me

Suffocated me, helpless

Hate is a very strong word

But for these childhood scums

I hope they suffer in their lives

For what they have done

I have no forgiveness

They do not deserve it at all

I hope one day they read my words

That they realize and feel small


A very personal poem for me about young age and my experiences growing up.

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