1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

That first time

What’s a relationship? well I’m gonna be blunt

Can you be with someone, succeed the hunt?

Do you know someone before going out?

Their favorite things to go about?

Ok, fast forward skip all of that

Let’s get to the good stuff, the blunt facts

You finally do the business his place or hers

What happens next? What is going to occur?

Was it rubbish, no joy there?

Did they smell bad? Not going there!

Was you so clingy they told you so?

Did they grab their coat and go?

Did they say their ex was better?

Did they leave an ex’s letter?

Maybe they won’t do the thing that you love

For you it’s essential, for you it’s a must!


You find a good partner, great, once and for all

What happens next, it is your call

That bizarre moment all is done

The sex is over, so is the fun

Make a cup of tea? Put on the telly

Make dinner, fill our bellies?

Awkwardness over for a little bit

Enjoy your life, make a go of it! 😄

Phil lister 09/10/17

Taken from Rhyming poetry to change your day by Philip Lister

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