1. Rhyming poetry to change your day


Stop doing it

It’s forbidden

What your doing to me


These secret messages

In my head

Or are they? maybe…

It is like a whisper

To my ears like silk

Whispering your wants

I think about you

But it cannot come true

But my heart does want

Your forbidden body

Your amazing lips

Enticing me in


Sing to me

my temptress

Pull me within


Kiss me,

Let’s embrace

Undress each other’s sin


Touch each other

Fulfil our needs

Caress each other’s skin


Sinning, touching,


Arms and legs entwined


Forbidden is our unity

but today

you will be mine

Searching for you is a collection of poetry about love, heartbreak and happiness. A raw journey looking at our search in life to find ourselves and that special someone.

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