1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

Money controlling you

Money, how it has control over us

It shapes our lives and causes fuss

Starting off with pocket money

Those little coins you find funny

In the shop what do you do?

Steal some sweets and run like a fool

Turn sixteen, mum asks you for rent

Get a job earning nothing, go on get bent!

Let’s move out, go get a flat

Overdraft sorted, in it, twat!

Credit card sorted, let’s go for it now

Two grand debt, well done kid, wow!

Oh I need a car, I need it today

Listen to no one, bought same day

Pound it at a hundred down the motorway

Pisses out petrol, firemen on way

Another debt, repairs to be done

Down the garage, oh what fun!

Debt piles up, more and more

Noting down what you spend, what a chore!

Try a bit of gambling, oh doing well

Roulette, poker, betting, lost, must not dwell

Ten grand now, more interest each payday

Can’t live like this, not this way

More and more depressed, don’t know what to do?

Hope for a miracle and hope it’s not you!


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