New work

My phone

How does it control me?

Why can I not leave it alone?

What is this pull over me?

When I take my phone


Every waking hour

Glued eyes to the screen

I cannot stop myself

Cannot keep myself clean


How can this be an addiction?

As bad as a drug

Why do I want it so?

Is this called love?


Watching every notification

As the text flashes by

As if the most important thing

In my life is a lie


Why do I not want it to stop?

Another pointless sound

I just like to be busy

When there is nothing around


It is my dearest friend

It knows me better than me

If it could be my drug

It would be my ecstacy


1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

Money controlling you

Money, how it has control over us

It shapes our lives and causes fuss

Starting off with pocket money

Those little coins you find funny

In the shop what do you do?

Steal some sweets and run like a fool

Turn sixteen, mum asks you for rent

Get a job earning nothing, go on get bent!

Let’s move out, go get a flat

Overdraft sorted, in it, twat!

Credit card sorted, let’s go for it now

Two grand debt, well done kid, wow!

Oh I need a car, I need it today

Listen to no one, bought same day

Pound it at a hundred down the motorway

Pisses out petrol, firemen on way

Another debt, repairs to be done

Down the garage, oh what fun!

Debt piles up, more and more

Noting down what you spend, what a chore!

Try a bit of gambling, oh doing well

Roulette, poker, betting, lost, must not dwell

Ten grand now, more interest each payday

Can’t live like this, not this way

More and more depressed, don’t know what to do?

Hope for a miracle and hope it’s not you!


1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

I’m kicking this habit, or am I?

I’m trying to kick you

Kick you out of my life

My life has been owned by you

By you and your addictive ways

Addictive ways to make me play

Me play with you all the day

The day passes by

Passes by without even seeing

Even seeing what I have done

Have done much today

Much today or any day

Any day with you

With you in my life

I am happy

Am happy and not bored

Not bored but this is pointless

Is pointless to stay with you

With you here just wasting my hours

My hours are mine, I have will power

Will power to stop myself

Stop myself from touching you

Touching you one more time

More time with you

With you just once more

Once more, oh please

Oh please, no must stop

Must stop this addiction

This addiction to you

To you, for the hold you have

You have me, but I am strong

Am strong and I will quit

Will quit from your grasp

Your grasp on me

On me no more, I’ve decided, I’m free!


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We don’t like to talk about it


We don’t like to talk about it

The time we spend

Wasting our day

Going round the bend


Simple as can be

Wanting just one thing

Never suceeding

Happiness it brings


Hours spent

Time ticks by

Through the day

Oh how it flies


Just wasted

Pointless really

And for what

Just, well, silly


Most of us do it

We don’t even know

We are our own worst enemy

So the story goes


When we could be doing

Something else

Instead of maybe damaging

Our mental health


Think of your loved ones

Time lost with them

All addictions

Can be beaten, my friend.


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Gambling addiction

Hi guys,

I am someone who is 35, I’ve got two kids and a busy life, I used to love playing video games, I am a total kid at heart but I finally asked the question after my last episode being addicted to a game.

There are companies out there that deliberately produce games that get you addicted and you find yourself spending money on their games and you can only think about the game.

I had a game called deck heroes, I thought about that game all day, I was in a guild and I could not get enough, yeah I spent money on it, I’m not proud, I was addicted.

I finally asked myself what’s more important the game or my family, my family won and I went cold turkey. I can tell you that it was hard, really hard, but me and the missus argued about me playing that game, I cried because I didn’t want to leave, I felt forced but hey. It’s just a game, you have to pay to advance, there are so many people better than you and well hey hum. It’s lame! Cold turkey, ended. I think about it now and I laugh but I was eating sleeping this game around a baby, a seven year old and my partner.

Ever since I cannot get into games on the mobile phone, they either seem too long or pay to advance.

I recently started dabbling in the casino slot machines on Google plus store, only interested in the highest charted ones, well you get free tokens to start off with, but you lose them quickly, these games look great but I want to play others but I’m stuck, oh my gosh you have to pay to get tokens to advance, so I downloaded another and another and another, I think I downloaded around 5 or 6 but it’s funny, these games are all the same. Use your free tokens that are plentiful to start off with, then zero tokens, but we’ll give you a few hundred every 3 hours, so login play 3 games then buy some more!

I was finding myself wanting to play again and again but I can’t, that’s my addiction kicking in again, I am AWARE of my addiction, I REFUSE to pay money to play, maybe before a few quid wouldn’t of bothered me but here it does. I AM STRONG, I WILL NOT SUCCOMB, games are my drug, I am an addict, my money pays for the cocaine and heroin, I REFUSE.

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Nigeria’s addiction


The sweet stuff


Just a taste

Euphoria within


School kids

One try and they’re hooked

These children

Should be reading books


If you’re in rehab

They chain you to the floor

This is meant to stop you

From wanting to take more


In the nightclubs

In the streets

Dealers sell it

A strawberry treat


Cartons flood in

Into the wrong hands

Bad people feeding greed

Selling to the gangs


Highly addictive

Taken in excess

Euphoric high

Mind in a mess


Kidney damage, seizures

Psychosis, delusions too

Hallucinations, schizophrenia

It does this to you


Whether you’re rich or poor

Educated or not

Avoid it, don’t start

Use all the will power you’ve got.


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Phil lister 01/05/18

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Life of Randy (Book One: Theme Park)

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Follow him as he embarks on a coming of age journey where anything goes.

Living with best friend Ana that he has fancied for years is, well interesting, especially when her boyfriend Mark lives there too. With stolen glances added to the mix it makes for an explosive cocktail.

He moves out and meets Clara and he thinks it could be love at first sight, but when Ana comes knocking at his door, will he give into temptation?

After receiving some life changing news he is overcome by his emotions. On a path of self-destruction he wants one thing, retribution against his tormentors, but in his escalating rage just how far will he go?



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Beat your addiction

​I beat you, this time it’s for sure

Your addiction to me is no more

Some people it’s ciggies, drink, gambling too

My addiction was a card game, stuck to it like glue

Line chat with my guild, only one guild I ever liked

The conquerors, and I always enjoyed our fight

For some people video games are lame

Sorry if for you I seem to be insane

Although it was intense, participating in guild wars

It had to end, your daily chores

Login, do this do that, spend energy

Now I’m rid of you, i am happy

I will not come back to you, my hours spent

Goodbye deck heroes, igg, get bent!


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Phil lister 26/09/17