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Gambling addiction

Hi guys,

I am someone who is 35, I’ve got two kids and a busy life, I used to love playing video games, I am a total kid at heart but I finally asked the question after my last episode being addicted to a game.

There are companies out there that deliberately produce games that get you addicted and you find yourself spending money on their games and you can only think about the game.

I had a game called deck heroes, I thought about that game all day, I was in a guild and I could not get enough, yeah I spent money on it, I’m not proud, I was addicted.

I finally asked myself what’s more important the game or my family, my family won and I went cold turkey. I can tell you that it was hard, really hard, but me and the missus argued about me playing that game, I cried because I didn’t want to leave, I felt forced but hey. It’s just a game, you have to pay to advance, there are so many people better than you and well hey hum. It’s lame! Cold turkey, ended. I think about it now and I laugh but I was eating sleeping this game around a baby, a seven year old and my partner.

Ever since I cannot get into games on the mobile phone, they either seem too long or pay to advance.

I recently started dabbling in the casino slot machines on Google plus store, only interested in the highest charted ones, well you get free tokens to start off with, but you lose them quickly, these games look great but I want to play others but I’m stuck, oh my gosh you have to pay to get tokens to advance, so I downloaded another and another and another, I think I downloaded around 5 or 6 but it’s funny, these games are all the same. Use your free tokens that are plentiful to start off with, then zero tokens, but we’ll give you a few hundred every 3 hours, so login play 3 games then buy some more!

I was finding myself wanting to play again and again but I can’t, that’s my addiction kicking in again, I am AWARE of my addiction, I REFUSE to pay money to play, maybe before a few quid wouldn’t of bothered me but here it does. I AM STRONG, I WILL NOT SUCCOMB, games are my drug, I am an addict, my money pays for the cocaine and heroin, I REFUSE.

5 thoughts on “Gambling addiction

  1. Games can be very addictive… I can’t say from personal experience… just what I’ve been told by others since I don’t play games. My daughters are always asking me to play Roblox with them, but I’m admittedly a boring person… my idea of fun is staying up late whilst drinking coffee and looking at Al Jazeera news 😜

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    1. It’s interesting taking a step back and looking at myself. I’m waiting to get my credits to go and play, then I’m blocked, frustrated, I want to pay to carry on but I refuse. They have me hooked, I imagine others will give up and pay. Just disgusting and clever how they draw you in. I like being boring, I do not go out, fortunately I got kids, otherwise I do not know where I would be.

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