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Nigeria’s addiction


The sweet stuff


Just a taste

Euphoria within


School kids

One try and they’re hooked

These children

Should be reading books


If you’re in rehab

They chain you to the floor

This is meant to stop you

From wanting to take more


In the nightclubs

In the streets

Dealers sell it

A strawberry treat


Cartons flood in

Into the wrong hands

Bad people feeding greed

Selling to the gangs


Highly addictive

Taken in excess

Euphoric high

Mind in a mess


Kidney damage, seizures

Psychosis, delusions too

Hallucinations, schizophrenia

It does this to you


Whether you’re rich or poor

Educated or not

Avoid it, don’t start

Use all the will power you’ve got.


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Phil lister 01/05/18

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