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Love life


Thinking happy thoughts

Happy and bright

Chilling on a cloud

Feeling light

Sucking up the sunshine

Cruising through the day

Forgetting all my troubles

Kaleidoscope my way

Turning like a spin top

Colours so wonderful

Dizzying numbness

I refuse to fall

Tiptoeing like a dancer

Clothes stripped from me

See me in my glory

This is how to be

Kartwheels effortlessly

Weightless as I am

Majestically turning

Just because I can


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Phil lister 03/05/18


7 thoughts on “Love life

    1. Thank you, I was thinking on my drive to work this morning I wonder what real euphoria feels like and to put it in words, unfortunately I am not that way inclined, but inspiration is so hard to come by, when it pops it pops. If I can make a few people feel good today that’ll brighten my day. Hoping to write this weekend if I can be in the right frame of mind. More of this!

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