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Free books for all

Hey all,

Quite happy today, my 1st book is sitting well in the kindle free standings, 1st place in poetry about love and also 1st place in love and erotic poetry.

If you look closely my third book is sitting in 7th place on both pages too. You may be thinking why put it up for free? well, why not? at least it may be seen now. Its better than sitting there unsold or paying money to advertise for a loss on sales.

Please, if anyone wishes to download a free copy of any of my books, click on the link below:


and pick up one of my books Free or why not All of them, just please leave a review, it would be so nice on your behalf.

Thank you all, have a great day and be positive!

Life of Randy

Reviews of Life of Randy

Hi all,

I have had some lovely reviews for Life of Randy, I had recently done a promo on it for FREE and I had 580 downloads over two days. I was overwhelmed. If you are one of the people that downloaded it. Please leave a review.

And thank you to the people that left reviews.

Yesterday’s review really made me happy. Was amazed to hear how people enjoyed the story.

Other reviews so far:

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Life of Randy (Book One: Theme Park)

When Randy and his step dad fight on moving day his family moves away and abandons him. Now he has to face life and his bullies head on.
Follow him as he embarks on a coming of age journey where anything goes.

Living with best friend Ana that he has fancied for years is, well interesting, especially when her boyfriend Mark lives there too. With stolen glances added to the mix it makes for an explosive cocktail.

He moves out and meets Clara and he thinks it could be love at first sight, but when Ana comes knocking at his door, will he give into temptation?

After receiving some life changing news he is overcome by his emotions. On a path of self-destruction he wants one thing, retribution against his tormentors, but in his escalating rage just how far will he go?