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Live your life, live it full

One chance only to play the ball

It’s too short to hold a grudge

Getting you down, had enough?

Be the bigger person, don’t be small

Take courage my friend and stand tall

Family feuds we know they go on

It eats you up, you need to move on

Reconcile with them, pick up the phone

Do you want to die feeling alone?

If you could change one thing what would it be?

If it was me, build my bridges, set myself free

Your mother, your father you only get one

Stop blocking yourself on why it came undone

Surely sometimes you may have to swallow pride

It’s too late if something happens and that person dies

If you say it, what you want to say today

Get it off your chest, put it into play

Then you’ve accomplished something, an enormous step

You can be proud of yourself, now you can make the next

Poem taking directly from my book “Rhyming poetry to change your day” I hope yours is good, come what may.


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