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It’s coming

Madness, two leaders doing deranged things

We don’t yet know what it’s going to bring

A country that feels they have to protect themselves

By testing missiles and whatever else

The world is in outrage at their outrageous acts

They refuse to change, they continue in fact

Not even a president of the United states

Who speaks like a dictator and raises the stakes

Kim calls trump mentally deranged

Sorry guys, what you are doing, your both insane!

Madman! rocketman! Let the insults fly

Like the US jets doing their fly by

Now trump is a dotard, according to Kim

Old, mental capacity ready for the bin

Trump fires losers that don’t get results

Kim just shoots them, doesn’t accept insults

Where are we going, what is next for the world

World war three perhaps, only time will tell.


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Phil lister 24/09/17

Picture – pixabay

One thought on “It’s coming

  1. I enjoyed this. I’ve been dodging the topic. I gave in for one piece. But left it at that. It’s all so emotionally stirring in a bad way. I worry if I start writing about it with intention I wont stop until they blow us all up or he gets impeached and a sane-ish person steps in.

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