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Take me to ecstasy


Dont say a word, do what I say

Your my sexy girl, I wanna play

Stand in front of me and get undressed

Tease me baby, I want to see your chest

Hands running down from your neck to your breasts

Wanting to show me, you know what to do next

Unclip that bra, slowly drop it to the floor

Cover your nipples make me wanna see more

You turn around just in a little lace thong

Keep teasing me baby, make it long

Come back to me, slowly now

Sit on me baby, you know just how

I pull on your hair, your head tilts back

You moan in joy as you enjoy my attack

Hands across your mouth, go on bite me

Go on, harder now, it gives me such glee

Go on turn around, get on your knees

You know what to do, I want to be pleased

Look at me, don’t stop pleasing me

Oh god, oh baby, I’m in ecstasy


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Phil lister 15/09/17

Picture – pixabay

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