New work

This virtual world

You’re in and out

I can’t understand

What is your goal

What is your plan

Do you like me

Is that why you’re here

Do you like to

Stop and stare

Do I please you

Looking at me

Do I make you

Really happy

What do you look like

I wonder to myself

I wonder why

You never reveal yourself

You lurk in the shadows

A real lonely ghost

Talking occasionally

To be a good host

One day you will talk more

And we’ll talk for real

This virtual world

Is so surreal

depression · erotic · Life · love · New book



I’m coming to get you

Dont be scared

Intrusion my lust

Please don’t stare


Look at you

Don’t worry dear

Satisfy my thirst

Yes please, cheers


You’re mine now

Don’t wait anymore

Desire overwhelming

I won’t be a bore


You will suffer

Not for too long

Overwhelming trance

What is this song?


You will soon be free

When I decide

Oh my dear,

I’m sorry, I lied


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Phil lister 27/04/18

erotic · love

Little tease

Look into my eyes

What do you see?

You know what I want

Do it for me


That’s right

Slowly now

Lift up that t-shirt

Give me wow


Lift it up

Expose your bra

Your clevage now

Oh la la


Turn around now

Face away

Down that skirt

Come on play


Sexy panties

With a bum so cute

You excite me girl

Play me like a flute


Come closer now

Let me smell your chest

Under your spell

I forget the rest


Pull me in

Smother my face

What you do to me

Makes my heart race


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Phil lister 25/11/17

Picture: pixabay

erotic · love


Send me a photo if you dare

Ooohh I want to see down there

No not there don’t be perverse

clevage please, can you be cohersed?

Excite me please, make me big

Move them around make em jig

Push them together just for me

Mmm just like that, hot as can be

I can just imagine what they are like bare

I’m sure they are luscious, bet you don’t dare

Oh you turn me on, oh I’m so hard

Your so beautiful and sexy with no bra


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Phil lister 21/10/17

happy · Life · love · Uncategorized

I can’t control myself

Who has the power, me or you?

Who decides what we’re going to do

I want it so badly I’m not going to crack

You get me so aroused when I see you like that

It’s not going to work you giving me a flash

I’m going to be strong I can hold back

A little bit more a full breast now

Oh they’re so soft I lift up a brow

Oh so you take your bra off, just like that

I’m so horny now, that is a fact

No, I’m gonna resist, you will not succeed

Push your breasts together oh how I need

Unbutton your jeans let them fall to the floor

I’m in heaven now I just want more

I see your little thong, holding your arsenal so well

Oh my god, it’s not helping, I’m starting to swell

Then you tell me to come to you, I can’t stop myself

Stop controlling me, I can’t help myself.


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Phil lister 13/10/17

erotic · happy · Life · love

Show no refrain

I want to pleasure her

She’s waiting for me

Wearing black

Waiting to be freed

She smells so good

Nervously she strips

Lays down on the bed

What is her wish?

Her body so flawless

I caress her neck with a feather

She moans in pleasure

She has not done this, never

I kiss her passionately

Tongues entwined

She’s under me now

We’re starting to unwind

I push her face to one side

I grope her breasts

She is mine now

Pleasure before rest

I go lower now

My mouth salivating

I want to taste her nectar

To make her want to scream

I have one hand on her breast

My tongue on her clit

I’m licking her so good

She’s enjoying every minute

Cum for me baby 

Scream my name

Orgasm for me darling

Show no refrain


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Phil lister 13/10/17

erotic · happy · Life · love

Until we drop

I want you

All of you

To touch you

To caress you

Strip for me


Show me


Tease me

Just like that

Kiss me

On my chest

Touch me

Down there

Massage me

Mmmm yeah

Kneel please

Tie your hair

Suck me

You know where

Sit on me

Every inch

Feel me pulse

Come on wince

Harder now

Let me watch

Climax together

Until we drop


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Phil lister 11/10/17

erotic · happy · Life · love

Blessed lovers

It’s going to happen finally

She’s going to give herself to me

It’s our first time, God I’m weak

So nervous now I can’t even speak

How will it be, am I good enough?

Will she even let me touch?

She’s so beautiful, why is she with me?

Oh what am I doing? I can’t make her happy.

She calls my name, I go to her

She says relax, she calms my stir

She kisses me, it was magical

Our tongues collided, sensual

She took of her pink t shirt, oh that bra

I couldn’t stop looking, I saw stars

She came to my arms, we embraced 

Pushed herself against me, oh that taste

She tasted like the sweetest fruit

Her smell just aroused me through and through

I didn’t dare touch her, she was just so sacred

She pushed my face into her chest, I melted

We undid ourselves and took off our trousers

Eager to feel each other inside for hours

She held me in her hands then she guided me in

Oh she is so warm, inviting me to her within

She is so beautiful, her eyes hypnotized me

We stare for minutes, two lovers to be

She gives herself to me, every inch of her soul

I feel so overwhelmed with this emotion I behold

I see that bra still, covering them breasts

I could picture them now, I want to see the rest

She sees what I want and she starts to tease

She releases her bra strap, do you want these?

She’s covering them up with her fingers still

I am so excited, she is giving me such a thrill

She removes her hands one at a time

They are perfect, velvety and all mine

I touch them breasts, then kiss from her nipples up

She continues to rise on me, oh my good luck

We lose ourselves passionately, bodies entwined

Emotions, joy, pleasure, bodies sexually defined

Then we are on cloud 9 together at the same time

Bodies climaxing together as if it was a rhyme

Then we cuddle up close no care for the mess

Because it was magical and we were truly blessed


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Phil lister 10/10/17

erotic · Life · love

A fulfilling massage

The client comes in and says hello, 

You can get ready miss I’ll be ready to go

She goes away and comes back again

In just a towel and she’s ready to begin

Music on, lay down miss, we’ll start with your back

She lays down ready for the gentle attack

He places the towels carefully on her

Wow, what soft skin when he grazed under

So he starts to rub her back up and down

She starts to enjoy, releasing a little growl

Is it good for you miss the man asked

Oh it’s perfect, she looked at his shorts

He was bulging now, she could imagine

What was inside, what could be within

He started on her legs up to her thighs

Ohhhhh she moistened to his surprise

Touch me please, higher, you know where

Go on please, do it if you dare

I can’t miss, I could lose my job

I won’t say a word, I’ll even suck your cock

Miss, please, can we continue, it’s not finished yet

What was this woman, what a sexual threat

She turned over, the towels started to slide

He saw her breasts, he remarked their size

He replaced the towel, he noticed her hand

It was down there, was this what she planned?

He continued to work, bursting in his pants

He was going through in his head, all the can’ts

He asked if he could remove the towel

Go ahead, make me growl

He uncovered such gorgeous breasts waiting for him

She undid his shorts, unleashed his massive thing

He massaged her breasts so softly

She swallowed his manhood gleefully

Oh my god, your so good miss

Every inch in her mouth, oh such bliss

He stopped her, your gonna make me cum

It’s my turn now, let’s have some fun

He opened her legs and started to tease

Using his tongue to pleasure her with ease

He put in a finger or two to really please

Oh don’t stop, I’m gonna cum, she could hardly breath

She enjoyed the orgasm so much she quivered there

Your turn, I want you to mess up my hair

Do what you want, cum as you like

Fuck me in the mouth, I’ll even bite

So she stayed on her knees and sucked him again

He was harder still, it was all so insane

She was so good at it, oh he wanted to cum 

Open your mouth, I wanna see your tongue

He came on her tongue and a bit on her face

She swallowed it all, she did not want to waste

Thank you so much, I really needed that

Maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll be back.


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Phil lister 09/10/17

erotic · happy · Life · love

I like to play

Your in trouble

In my bubble

Gonna make you suffer

Take your supper

Gonna make you pay

While you lay

In front of me

Waiting to be

Pleasured so

You cannot go

Take it slow

Enjoy the show

Come on scream

Come on lean

I take you away

I like to play


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Phil lister 08/10/17